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Before we continue, we should clarify some terms and fundamentals of Qigong. Otherwise, it would be difficult to find a common language and understand how to practice exercises correctly. Some basic movements are described in detail on the pages of Practice block, and here you may find only the clue fundamental concepts, common for all Qigong schools, Zen, Yoga, and Taoism…


There are three concepts of interest:

  • Qi energy
  • Human energy system
  • Yin-Yang theory


Masters use the term “Qi energy” to indicate many things. These are climate and perception, vital energy and the vigor granting the potential to commit some action. These are breath, air, ‘pneuma’ – something existing in every point of Universe, around us and within our bodies.

In some aspect of course, Qi is a philosophic term. It exists in many forms, which all together web the world…

At the same time, Qi is quite real. It can be measured by standard laboratory devices and sensed by common organs of sense, as it happens to the people during the Zhong Yuan Qigong tutoring workshop seminars.

Qi and manIf there is lack of energy or the energy is of poor quality, then the one gets ill or may even die. If there is enough energy and it is of a good quality, then the possessor feels good, lives long, has a cheerful mood and may even consciously or subconsciously able to share his or her energy with the associates, making them feel better.

Yin and yang in a body

On one hand, our definitions are no more then just concepts, a way to express thoughts that gives us motivationfor practicing.

On the other hand, there is a definite connection between practicing Qigong exercises and the above-mentioned, improving the organism status. This connection has been observed through many millennia due to Qigong practicing empirical evidence. This interconnection may be discussed by means of scientific language or by means of Qigong terminology. The most useful, perhaps, is just exercise practicing. After all, one who is needing to catch a breath of fresh air is not interested in the terminology to indicate this same air and this same breath. His main aspiration is to breathe in. In the same way, the main thing for Qigong is to use the practice method to make oneself feel better and restore good health.


The presence of Qi energy is total, including the human body, and it flows within special paths called energy channels or meridians. Besides these, there are so-called Dantian areas (potent energy zone, Chinese) which serve to store Qi energy.

Qi energy circulates along the channels as water goes along a hose. The water may get stuck if the supply is low and the inner surface of the hose is soiled and filthy. In the same way Qi energy changes its flow along the body depending on both - energy quality and quantity, and conductivity, fineness and the frequency of use of energy channels.

Interruptions or blockages of Qi in the channels is called energy blockage. With the experience of Qigong practice, the practitioner starts to feel, as Qi itself as its current flow along the channels together with the regions where the Qi flow is interrupted (energy blockages.) According to Qigong concept, the area of energy blockage is the primary cause of disease. This implies, that the treatment or healing of the organism should be started with Qi energy generation and improvement of channel condition. Indeed, it makes no difference what disease or disorder this or that person has developed. We can trace the problem back to a partial or complete blockage of the channels that have lead to ineffective energy circulation. So, there is the only way of treatment – just practice Qigong. Improve your energy system with the help of Qigong and it will contribute to improve your health.


Yin-yang monad

Ancient Eastern Yin-Yang concept resembles the western mind law about the unity and conflict of antipodes.

But Yin-Yang theory is deprived of an aggressive component. Unity is the main emphasis, prior to conflict.

Everything changes in this world. Nothing stays the same. It’s a fact that everything changes. As night turns into a day, good for one person sometimes turns into harm for the other, healthy states sometimes slightly turns to illness and life turns into death.
Everything changesYin and Yang essence permeates throughout the world: black and white, light and heavy, hot and cold.

One does not exist without the other. The night is lighted by the white-shining stars. Even the most cruel heart may bear love, and severe disease may give the joy of comprehension and finding new sense in life.

We have to learn to change what we can change and to accept things we cannot change. Yin and Yang are inseparable and interdependent, but we should be able to identify each pole in theory to ease our understanding of exercise practice.

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