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The site "WAY OF SILENCE" is established by the Public Wu Chan Zhong Qigong Club "SNOW DRAGON".


Qigong Objectives


Our objectives – providing the Club activity information support; encouraging free communication between people who practice Wu Chan Zhong Qigong; creating motivation for practice; giving introduction to the theory and practice of Qigong and Meditation.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese skills of invigoration and self-regulation, it is a way of thinking and the method of informative and energy communication with the environment, world and Universe.

There is a wide variety of practices and styles of Qigong.

The method, encouraged by SNOW DRAGON Club is Wu Chan Zhong Qigong System. This is considered to be one of the higher Qigong standards, and is an applied art of complex ability optimization to achieve a person’s maximum advantage and effectiveness in every point of one’s Existence.


Wu Chan Zhong Qigong System is a complex system of knowledge and methods to attain a personal breakthrough into the sphere of extra potential, better self-perception, understanding the world structure, and realizing one’s sense and significance in this world. Our site is created to give a lucid and detailed explanation how to achieve it and how and why Qigong practicing and meditation can change the awareness and sense perception of a Qigong practitioner.

WCZ Qigong is not a religious system. It is practiced by Christians and Taoists, Chán (Zen) adepts and Muslems, Buddhists, Hinduists and Judaists, Sufis, Yogi and Shamans…. WCZ Qigong method of practice is the most spread and known style in the Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic States, in Germany and Slovakia. This method is well-known in Canada, America, Israel, and India. Annually, more and more people in different countries around the world discover this Qigong style and start practicing Wu Chan Zhong Qigong.

Our Open WCZ Qigong Club «Snow Dragon» is established to create effective conditions for practicing the psycho-physical methods of self-development with the system of  WCZ Qigong, and to assist in Qigong exercise learning and practice.

Any person who wants to start Qigong practice may contact the Club administration and arrange for the studies. There is an opportunity to learn Qigong individually under the guidance of Club instructors. Also you may become the one who organizes Qigong workshops in your town, unites people with the same interest to Qigong Practice, makes up the small groups of these people and invites Club instructors to his/her town.

Perhaps, if you live in town where you have no opportunity to invite Wu Chan Zhong Qigong instructors, but you have computer and Internet, you may have adequate distance training. This site will provide you this opportunity.

You can learn everything in detail from the page "HOW TO START".


This site deals with such concepts as QIGONG, MEDITATION and YOGA.

Meditation is a special object of study described on this site because the whole system of Zhong Yuan Qigong is meditative. One can say that Wu Chan Zhong Qigong practice is meditation, and a set of practices of meditation.

Yoga is observed on this site in the aspect of its physical ("body development oriented") exercise part known as Hatha-Yoga ("Yogi gymnastics"). This style (theory and practice) is regarded here only strategically, and may be used as one of the make-up systems in the situation when static Meditation is the basic practice of a person; and in the very beginning some attention has to be paid to dynamic (aerobic) trainings.


This site is designed as a book and therefore it is better to be managed step by step. Perhaps, it would be better to start with the "THEORY" pages. Navigation panel (site map) is placed end-long in the left part of the display window. But you may use main menu, where you can follow –top-down… from column to column… The buttons «NEXT» and «PREVIOUS» at the end of every article will help you to follow the clues. To see the expected Qigong workshops and scheduled trainings or newly added site information you may subscribe to the Mailing List of the Club News. To do it you should enter your e-mail in the subscription panel in the left top corner of the window. Also you may subscribe to the news of your home town Club.If you prefer to study the site beyond Internet, you may use the function to LOAD it to your PC, or there is a function to PRINT the site info and read it in a classical "paper" variant.

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