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By O. Nazarov,


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Once upon a time there lived the one called Yama.

And he lives now as we all know and will be living as long as the world that He created exists. And may be even longer then the world. But I do not want to speak of eternity because when you think of it too much your head starts to hurt. And when your head hurts, who wants to tell stories?

It is enough to tell about the times when this story happened.
And it happened long, long time ago.

Once upon a time Yama decided that it was time to create a Man.
But first, he had to conceal the Truth.

Yama himself was too busy to reflect upon it, so he called his faithful assistant Yahemenda Vadara.

“Yahemenda Vadara!” Yama said, “Soon a Man will come. I want you to take the Truth… No! Watch out! Do not look at it!.. Remember what came of Yox when he disobeyed me and looked at Good! You just have to hide the Truth until better days. One day Man will become very powerful. The most worthy will be stronger then you, Yahemenda Vadara, and may be even more powerful then Me. And then the Truth will belong to them…”

Yama had spoken.


The Great River slowly glided its clear pure waters under the divine shine of eternity.

The streams were as if singing an anthem to everything that exists, and the mysterious mirror of the River undisturbed by a single splash reflected all the ancient glory of being…

On the bank of the Great River Yox was sitting and tossing up the pebbles and marble crumbs when he saw Yahemenda Vadara with the sack behind his shoulder.

Yahemenda Vadara had put the Truth in a sack but IT was glittering so bright that the light was streaming through the stitches…

Yox understood! He grasped it all, for he could read his brothers’ mind just as well as Yama.

“Why does he always entrust serious missions to fools?” muttered Yox contemptuously in anger.

Yox had learned to hate long ago and understood that the day had come.

Meanwhile, Yahemenda Vadara stopped to catch his breath.

“Tell me, oh, wise friend of mine, Yahemenda Vadara,” started Yox, “Where have you decided to conceal the Truth?”

“I am going to take IT far to the mountains,” Yahemenda Vadara replied, and wearily lowered himself onto the rock next to Yox. “In the faraway mountains It will be guarded by wild beasts and Man will never be able to take IT.”

“Oh, you are stupid as usual! Stupid as any of His slaves!” laughed Yox, and threw all his pebbles and marble crumbs.

The stones and marble crumbs entered the waters of the Great River with the loud slap, and their touch caused ripples and surge.

The Mirror of the Universe grew turbid as did the spirit of faithful Yahemenda Vadara.

“You must know, my ridiculous Yahemenda Vadara,” Grinned Yox. “That the time will come when Man becomes as strong as the wild beasts; and even stronger!”

“Then I will hide It deep in the ocean, “ said Yahemenda Vadara after a long pause.

“You are wrong again!” Yox continued his laughing and threw more pebbles and crumbs in the Great River.

An again the Mirror of Universe grew turbid and again the spirit of faithful Yahemenda Vadara grew dim.

“You must know, my stupid Yahemenda Vadara,” said Yox, “There comes the time when Man will be able to go down the deepest bottom of the deepest ocean and even deeper!”

“Then I will lift IT high in the Sky,” - exclaimed Yahemenda Vadara in triumph. “IT will be kept there for all time!”

“You are naive!” Yox kept laughing and threw more pebbles and marble crumbs in the Great River.

Yahemenda Vadara got frightened.

“Yes,” nodded Yox, “You must know, oh Yahemenda Vadara, for I see it clearly! The day will come when Man will rise to the Sky and even higher!”

They had been arguing for a long time there, on the bank of the Great River, - a friend and a rival, -Yahemenda Vadara and Yox. Yox rejected whatever Yahemenda Vadara suggested. He rejected it as easily as was throwing pebbles and marble crumbs into the water.


Once Yama was walking along a shady lane deep in thought when He heard loud voices.

He turned his steps toward the voices and went to the bank of the Great River.
Gloomily The Great River streamed its stormy waters, its austere roar of the waves lashed in unison with the voices of arguing Yahemenda Vadara and Yox.

Yama threw a glance at the Great River and it settled down…

Yama saw the sack on the bank...

“Why!” Yama exclaimed. “You have not done yet what I told you!”

“Forgive me!” Yahemenda Vadara cried, “But let me tell You something!”

“All right,” Yama agreed, “but this is not the place.”

He nodded His head and the same moment they all found themselves in Yama’s Palace.

Yama was sitting on a shining throne, his legs pierced through all the lower worlds and his stern brow ascended to the stars and even higher!

“Well, He demanded, what happened?»

Yahemenda Vadara told Him everything that had happened between Yox and him;
and that when Yahemenda Vadara had fallen into despair seeking for solution, Yox had offered his help;

and that thankful Yahemenda Vadara had sworn on the Truth to follow Yox’s advice;

and that Yox had suggested that they should conceal the Truth within Man


Yama peered at Yahemenda Vadara and Yox, and they hid their eyes.

“Never the less, the Vow has been on the Truth,” muttered Yox quietly.

Yama stared at him for a long time and then said:

“It means Yox, that you had decided to hide the Truth in Man.”

“Yes, but the Word was said and it was said on the Truth,” murmured Yox the same quietly.

“I have given you hatred, Yox, - Yama said, - that is why you are blind and do not understand what you are asking for!”

“Maybe, but there was a Vow on the Truth,” said Yox as he shook his head persistently.

The stars faded over the head of Yama for his eyes had sparkled when he had been rising from the throne.

“Let it be!” He declared, “It was the Vow on the Truth and nobody will ever reproach ME, the Master of Seven Worlds that are the most just of all the Worlds in Breaking the Law!”

“Listen all when Yama is Creating His New World!"
“When Man comes in this World, I enjoin you, Yahemenda Vadara, to go down and conceal the Truth within his heart!”

“You, Yox, wanted that so much, so I will fulfill your desire.”

“But there was something else that you were dreaming of.
That is why I will make this unspoken wish of yours that is burning your heart into ashes come true…”

“Be happy if you can!
For you, Yox, will not be far from the Truth.
I designate you, as you wished, ITS only and perpetual guardian...
When Man comes, I will put you in his Mind!”

“There will be your Hell…”

“And there you will be throwing your pebbles and crumbs until the End of Times.”

“I do not have to teach you how to do this as your greed will never let Man find the Truth which is so close! “

“If at least some of men turn capable of outwitting Yox the Glorious, if some of men find enough strength not to listen to you and stay straight and calm despite all your efforts; if he manages to see through the pure mirror of his Mind the divine light of this World reflected in the peaceful waters of the Great River, as a reflection of the Truth concealed within his heart, - then let this Man posses It by right!”

“I will be content for the deserving one will have been found!…”

Yama has spoken!

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