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The Wu Chan Zhong Qigong  Developing Module encompasses 4 steps. Each step comprises a peculiar set of exercises necessary for completing the tasks put at each practice stage. However, this stage division is rather relative. It is better to master steps separately and for an extended period of time to develop a better understanding of the exercises, their effects, and impact on the practitioner. After some time, these separate sets of exercises are generated into a real vehicle to self-regulation in each situation.

Exercises are introduced in the WCZQ Seminar Workshops. If you are unable to attend a live workshop, you can buy educational DVDs. With video you will listen to the lectures and will follow instructor commands as if you are on a live seminar. This is another great way to start practicing. It's recommended after that you practice a few times with  group distance training. You can find information about it on our website. These group practices will help by creating a so called "group field". When you watch our DVDs you will understand what it's about.

However, practicing with a group is useful but not a must. Our school is completely open, and nobody is left behind for petty reasons.The main thing for a practitioner is to be sincere and to work hard, and the energy-information field ( whether you call it "principle of hundredth monkey" or 'direct transmission of knowledge") is open without any limits. Our egregore is always with us.

The only (and temporary) advantage of group practice is speeding up certain processes in the very beginning of your practice, as well as intensification of subjective sensations by the stronger field of Collective Intention. There is nothing more to it. You can reach the same effects all by yourself. They hold no particular value other than being inspired when you are really able to reach the state of  Qigong or feel Qi. Our ultimate goal is to become self-sufficient free people without depending on school, method or instructor. To become Our Own Master.

You should start with the 1st step seminar.

Workshops of the 1st, 2nd and 3d steps are conducted by instructors who have received the right to teach this or that step from a master or by Master Xu Mingtang personally.

The 4th step workshops are conducted only by the Master.

Having completed the 1st step course (as any of the others) you should practice the studied exercises for a long period of time. It is recommended that exercises be practiced daily and on one’s own. Of course, sometimes the starter has no conditions to practice independently; for instance, if the practitioner’s exercising is strongly opposed by roommates or relatives, or he shares a one-roomed apartment with 10 other people who have a tradition of parties and aggressive behavior. These distractions prevent one from achieving a state of relaxation. The beginner may also not be able to discipline himself to practice regularly on his own. This is exactly the situation requiring group (club) classes, if you have access to them in your city. If these are not available, become Your Own Master. Either practice by yourself or create your own group in your town or city.

It is impossible to learn Wu Chan Zhong Qigong only from books and booklets, first of all, because mistakes are unavoidable. Wu Chan Zhong Qigong is much more then just exercising. During the seminars an instructor corrects the energy background of the audience, helping practitioners manage Qi in the smoothest way to provide the most effective and safe practice. The same thing happens when you start studying with DVD help. Our DVDs were created with the same principles of transmission of energy and information to anyone who wants to study our method.Remember - our egregore is completely open. We did our best to to create opportunities for anyone to study without being impeded by absence of certain factors or certain people. During the workshop (live, DVD or webnar) the students get connected to the ‘Spiritual Egregor’ of the School, which is the common energy and information field of Wu Chan Zhong Qigong Teachers.

Of course, live communication can be of great help in the beginning of your practice, even if just for simple and practical reason: there are many nuances, and it's always the best to have an opportunity to ask a "live" practitioner. He/she has been practicing for a long time and dealt with lot of issues, so he/she would be able to explain things and keep you safe from certain mistakes.. It is a common knowledge that many people who tried to study complex psychological training programs, often found themselves in various dangerous altered states of consciousness (which by the way have nothing in common with "Qigong states"). If person does physical training and breaks his ankle he can easily notice it and seek help. But if he's been doing psychological training and loses his marbles - tragically, he would never notice. The people around you would notice, but you would never believe them! You would be sure that  they are idiots; that they were nor blessed by "Real Truth" and therefore can't understand you. This is potentially very serious matter.

That's why we tried to create very detailed educational base and made unedited videos of seminars. As well, if you find it interesting, you can always join our annual intensive retreats as many times as you wish. You can find the retreat schedule on our site. However you can come to these retreats only after having attended the 1st level seminar ( 2nd level even better) and have been practicing for at least 6 months. The seminars could be either live or on DVD.

Some practitioners may eventually decide to become instructors or organizers. We hope that it's their creativity calling. Such people found branches in their own cities or countries. We don't have an ambition to take over the world. Our main goal is to become happier, calmer, more healthy, thus to successfully solve our own problems. Some may like to organize interesting lectures or seminars with experienced instructors, or group practices. Please refer to the list of our branches on our site.

To start WCZ Qigong one should first find out if there is a club or society of WCZ Qigong in their city. You may find the list of the ‘active’ cities on here, in the list of cities.

If you found your town in the list, open the indicated page and contact the organizer of workshop classes in your city.

If your city is not in the list, then you may become the one to organize workshops yourself. You are to find the place for a week duration seminar, create an announcement or ad, organize the group and send for an instructor.

You may also become a member of the Public WCZ Qigong Club ‘Snow Dragon’ and use this site to organize classes in your town. You will have your page here, similar to the pages of cities introduced here, members of the Club, and you will be given your active e-mail address.

We are ready to share our experience in organization of classes and workshops, help you find the instructor, and provide consultations on how to answer the questions from people applying for the seminars in you city through the Club Site.

To be the member of the Club, contact us

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