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Wu Chan Zhong Qigong uses the following forms of Qigong practice during the developmental module of this system:

• workshop classes ( live or DVD)
• independent individual practice
• public (group) trainings
• Marathon training
• retreats

In addition to information already given about workshops and individual and group practice, the only thing to add is that for a starter it is very useful (but not obligatory) to go through the same workshop course or DVD again. For example, if you attend seminar or watch a DVD again after 6 months of practice, you would be surprised to find  many new interesting things. It's because your brain changed, and now is able to absorb information on a new level.

After the workshop course the best is a regular individual independent practice. You should not be training much, especially at the very beginning. 1-2 hours a day is enough for an active training, and the rest of the time you practice Qigong in “background” regime that is described in the previous chapter.

Marathon training may be as an individual as a group. It goes with or without an instructor’s supervision and guidance and the duration is “shocking” – from one to three days, 8-12 hours a day. If there is time, such form of training may be launched once a month or, for instance, once every 3 months.

Retreat is an intensive training practically in round-the-clock regime that lasts from one to three weeks. Retreats are better to be practiced once a year or one time during one year and a half. If you have such possibility, there is enough vigor and some funds, if it is all right with yout family and job and it will not interfere in your state of your affairs, then you may go for retreats more often. Just remember the previous chapter and what it says about personal attitude to it. For example, you do not have to sell you only apartment and, full of hope for enlightenment, with lips turned white and teeth clutched of excitement go to Shaolin for the autumn retreat to the Master. It won’t bring any result. Just the contrary, indulge in your work; earn money for your needs and to maintain the family; and when it is a good time, send you family on vacation to the seaside or tour around Europe, and then go to retreat, content with the fact that your loved ones do not take offence on you and you are confident and calm…

Later, when you have completed the retreat with an experienced instructor and become familiar with the techniques of deep training, - the best, as always, is to practice by yourself. You don't need to travel far to accomplish this. All you need is maybe to go to a quiet country house or small rental apartment in a quiet suburb; and you can just stay there by yourself for a while and practice.

Sometimes it's good to go to retreat with a friend or small group of like- minded people. It's , first of all, associated with group energy field. But even when you one day reach the state of fine self- perception and feel that you need to practice different exercises than your friends, - even then other people can be useful. For example you can share the house chores so you can have free days to practice. As well, sometimes during deep meditation you may feel discomfort, agitation or other unpleasant sensations, and it's always nice to have somebody nearby to help you.

Once you reach a high level of practice and feel confident, you can do intense training ( I mean, really deep) by yourself. An example is all the famous saints and hermits, who left the world for deep practice. You just need to understand  that you need to evolve first. Maybe when you complete all your worldly deeds, retire, have grandkids and lots of free time - then maybe you can buy a small house in a village and can immerse yourself into deep practice, if you still feel like it... 

Marathons and retreats improve the level of practice sufficiently. The person comes back to the routine life and continues individual independent practice with the results that are much better and the States of Qigong that are deeper.

Make your decisions about the curriculum on you own with no second opinions assessing your financial and time possibilities, your physical grounding and emotional state.

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