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Qigong Comment Alexander I, 43 years old, businessman, e-mail: iav.ivanow***

Good day!

I started practicing Qigong a few years ago, having at that time back problems (hernia), neurosis - from constant stress (I have my own business) and even in the family atmosphere wasn’t good at all. I was treated at the Dikulja centre - symptoms were recorded, but only just recorded... I was practicing by myself – information from books and internet. Some things started to come out, but I eventually began to "sink" in the flow of information - often contradictory. I read Oleg Nazarov’s articles on DZENDO.ORG - they surprised me – everything was spot on, holistically, there was a feeling - it's mine. Passing seminars for 1st and 2nd level with Oleg Nazarov, having been on a marathon - I understood that my practice has reached a new level. As a result – in 3 years I lost extra 17 kg, forgot about hernia and back pain, my friends started to wonder about the changes occurring to me, some of them are already practicing Qigong! And most importantly – a few changes occurred on the level of my personality - I become calmer, friendlier, even learned to meet the stresses of not being involved in a whirlwind of emotions ... I would be glad if my experience will interest both beginners and practitioners, who practice similar but methodologically total different systems. Sincerely, Alexander.


Qigong CommentLarissa K., 34 years old, mother of a few children, Costa Rica. Contact:

Thank you so much to this school and, especially, to Oleg Nazarov! The Wu Chan Zhong Qigong school workshops helped me a lot! At the time, the school practices just pulled me out of the deepest esoteric mystical swamp. Or rather, I did it by myself with school help, like Munchausen (in the well-known fairy tale). Regarding the swamp in details, will be a long confession, so long story short: I picked up all garbage about the miracles and mysticism, just shattered my psyche in all directions, all life landmarks gone, it was a horror, I didn’t know how to live, even my psychiatrist was going to give up. And then, when I found Wu Chan Zhong Qigong system and started to practice – my head “found its place”, my state was harmonized, everything just fell into its place. Oleg is an excellent Master, at the seminar he spoke thoughtfully about the system, about the practice, the goals, and the opportunities - nothing more. No wanderings and magic wands. And I was listening to him and everything I heard was a "wow"? The word "enlightenment" sounded from Oleg like the most banal word, such as "table".

And in fact, everything is very simple and open to any age and health. By the way, the health is improving really well in qigong practices! Health is something psychosomatic - relaxation of our mind relaxes the body and any blocks go away. To be specific: I have cured my eye (I was told at the hospital that I need an injection), and I decided that it’s never to late to have that injection, I'll try through Wu Chan Zhong Qigong methods first (relaxation of the mind, attention directed to the object of the problem; and visualization of intent). I tried - and I did it!

Perhaps the main thing that I found for myself - just to live. Just live. Enjoy every day to rejoice over bestow happiness - to be. Being happy is the fact that you live, doing ordinary things - wake up, cook breakfast, kiss your kids, walk, even wash the floor. There was more awareness, increased sensitivity (as a side effect), and amazingly the outrageous state of consciousness happened to me (phenomenon as a nice bonus). After self-awareness you get awareness of others, and it's great to make life easier))). In general a wisdom appeared in my life. Sincerely, Larissa, 15 October 2012.


Qigong CommentShulepova Raisa, pensioner, e-mail: gabrial7***

In April 2012 my husband and I went to one of the Oleg Nazarov’s workshops in school WU CHAN ZHONG QIGONG. In a very easily accessible form, he spoke about the methods of classes, showed us the exercises. My husband and I began to practice, each one as we were able to understand and assimilate. I liked the preliminary exercises. Very simple, easy, every morning I am doing these simple exercises, but the effect is stunning! In our family, all women suffered of the deposition of salts and the curvature of the joints. Externally, the changes are not visible yet, but how easy is to walk now. How easily I climb the stairs. I am eternally grateful to Oleg Nazarov, grateful to the school and a happy occasion that brought me to this knowledge. My husband is also in a positive change. He does not do any exercises in the morning, but is constantly practicing in the metro, practicing "Yang-Qigong", "big tree" in the background, feels great, and expresses his gratitude to Oleg Nazarov and to all who share their knowledge. Pensioner Shulepova Raisa, October 2012.


Qigong CommentBliznyukov Alexander, professor of philosophy, 29 years old, e-mail: apeiron1***

I became acquainted with the site about half a year ago. Attracted by harmonious system and methodology developed with a detailed explanation of the nuances of practice. By this point I was already familiar with the teachings of other development schools, but such continuity and the level of integration of the world of spiritual experience and, most importantly, a developed understanding of the mechanics of internal processes before and after practice I haven’t find anywhere. What attracted me as well was the lack of unclear information and hoaxes in the school, possible attempt to explain such a difficult area of exploration from science point of view, attracting data from psychology and philosophy.

As the freedom is the priority value for me, the principle "everyone is a master for himself" of the Oleg’s school WU CHAN ZHONG QIGONG was just what I needed, in other Qigong schools with their hierarchical system with a guru in the corner, I just wouldn’t go at all. Other way around Oleg’s personality is very attractive. Simplicity, naturalness, adequacy, sincerity, humour, absence of arrogance - with such a man is just nice to chat in a friendly way, not to mention the fact that you can learn a lot of him.

And although the practice requires considerable investment of time, it's definitely worth it. Internal tranquillity, unconditioned quiet joy, a sense of non-separateness from the world, but adequate perception of it, without any distortion imposed by your own "self", improved health and performance – the taste of it appears fairly quickly, but the main thing is, not to stop on the first results and continue to practice…


Qigong Comment

Nicholas Ilyuhin, Manager, Contact:

Hello, my name is Nicholas. I want to share my experience. In my family, all male line has diabetes. My problems began in childhood. I will not tell the details, someone who has diabetes knows everything. 3 years ago I had an amputation of 3 toes. My vision decreased greatly. Our medicine can only inject insulin, thanks for that at least! And it gets worst every year. I read in an Internet forum about qigong and decided to learn the practice. I studied a lot of information and read a lot of websites, bought a few books, and then stopped at the DZENDO site of the Wu Chan Zhong Qigong School. Decided to practice their way for a while and see what happens. If it does not work, I said to myself, then I will look for something else. I began to study on the training video that got through the site. First level, then in 4 months bought the 2nd level video tutorials. At the beginning there was no change, only some symptoms: feeling much better, but the level of the sugar - I'm regularly measuring it - remained the same. But after 10 months, I woke up and felt different. I did the usual morning practice, and then measured my sugar level, and could not believe my eyes: there have been dramatic some changes. That happens sometimes, blood sugar changes spontaneously and I decided not to make any hasty conclusions. But it's been a few years; the sugar is almost normal and does not change even on deviations from the diet (still trying to stick to my diet). I had no Insulin injections more than 18 months. When the changes began, of course I told this to my brother. He followed with the irony of my attempts, but after my results he engaged in practice. After about six months, he has also returned to normal sugar level. Interestingly, we noticed that only on 2nd level of practice we felt all changes. It is true, that Oleg Nazarov said to us that all levels are interrelated and 1st level was important, so the effect of changes could begin on the 2nd level. When our metabolism was normalized, it gave us a great inspiration to continue practicing. We started to practice with passion. My brother visits me or I go and see him, practicing together is more fun. We quit smoking almost immediately, drink alcohol very rarely and just symbolically (when my mother-in-law is coming and bringing her own phenomenal moonshine). I wanted to live and work, play sport; we enrolled in the fitness class and began to run in the evenings. I lost over the next year about 20 kg, I am looking now 30 years younger. Thinking has become a completely different internal state and it can’t be described in words, the life of our two families changed - many thanks for this to Wu Chan Zhong Qigong School. My brother and I were discussing our general health, it is so good that we no longer feel any fatigue; sleeping from four to five hours is enough for us. My brother has fishing and hunting business. His business was not going well. Now everything is changing. As they say in school Wu Chan Zhong Qigong, when you change inside, then you change the world around you. My brother moved to a new building, his business is thriving. He doesn’t make anything different but the business has improved markedly. It was sad to see before my brother, an avid hunter, who 20 years haven’t been in a forest: family problems, bad business, apathy, beer, TV, tax, creditors. After changes we seem to have come to the life that we lived in our youth. And even better than then. That's been a year since we started hunting again; we take our families out too. We started to laugh again, to enjoy simple pleasures. As long as there are no problems, you do not understand the true costs of these simple pleasures. I would be glad if my experience will help other people, please post my review on your website. We are born on earth to be happy and healthy. Be happy and healthy and let this practice help you on it. Yes, not somebody else, but yourself - your work on yourself development of the body and mind. I often recall how I decided once to do this experiment and try to practice the methods of Wu Chan Zhong Qigong School. Yes, it was scary: could be waste of time again. The results exceeded all expectations, our families are grateful to Oleg Nazarov school! Thank you, always happy to help if need!

Qigong Comments

Sergey, 35 years old, entrepreneur,

I came to qigong a few years ago. I had no health problems or low tonus, or any other problems. But I was always interested in the spiritual path of self-developing. I was reading a lot the works of recognized teachers and their biographies. Osho, Gurdjieff, Chogyam Trungpa, and other masters have inspired me and have formed a new perspective on my environment. And one day when I was filled with philosophy and mental representations, I wanted to start taking concrete steps, I began to search my way and started looking for practice. At this point, the fate led me to Qigong exercises. I passed first level in the school Mingtang Xu Zhong Yuan Qigong. Started to practice, but wasn’t fully involved. My practices were irregular, I stopped and began to practice again, then stopped again and started again, and so for quite some time. But at some point number of my attempts turned into quality, and I felt that I need to practice on a higher level, my classes have given birth to a number of questions: what is the best way to do a particular exercise, different nuances and details of exercises. I did not have enough information and knowledge from first level. I did not avail of the proposed explanations, and I did not meet in full the proposed training literature. Many things were not working for me; I felt like marking time, I was in need of new knowledge. And at this moment I met Oleg Nazarov. Firstly, by correspondence. I found his name on the internet articles, and felt that these explanations lies exactly what I need. He spoke specifically about the nuances, which bothered me, he raised just those issues that bothered me, and he offered me new solutions. I tried and step by step I saw that my practice became deeper, my classes are regular, Qigong has become an integral and daily part of my life. Then there was my first retreat, and I met with Oleg personally. And then there was a seminar on 2nd level, already in Oleg’s school, and by his method of teaching it.

It was very important that Oleg is very practical. Whatever he gives, he can do himself, he lived it, he learned it and he personally offers an already learned knowledge. It's well worth it. And he is absolutely down to earth, approachable and cheerful person with whom I personally found as a very nice and comfortable to communicate. Good luck to you on your way!


Qigong Comments

Sergei Ivanov, 34, entrepreneur, traveller, athlete.

I started practicing Qigong because of my girlfriend. I had big psychological problems, depression, and bad situation with my expedition, which I had long dreamed of and my relationship with my girlfriend was crumbling. My girl went in to one of qigong schools. At first she liked it, but then something changed. She became irritable. She lost interest in recent joy. Prior to that, we enjoyed outdoor activities, go on a yacht on interesting routes, doing backpacking hiking, and were addicted to skydiving, seriously thinking about circumnavigation. But then she became unsociable, nothing has interested her anymore, she decided to give up sex, as an "energy-consuming" process (her instructor said so). I started studying this topic, went to her school website, read the forum and realized that she must be pulled out of this sect. I was lucky that I wrote in the forum my problem and someone write me an email about Oleg Nazarov and his school, said that there is such a master, and that he is a very good teacher and he has achieved real results, and that he has special abilities. This man claimed that he personally saw Oleg Nazarov diagnosing with his "third eye", his fingers can twist metal objects, and he can change the energy and state of awareness of his students. I went to the to read and I could not stop! This site is something quite special! Oleg, when he writes his articles or conducting classes, is in a special state of consciousness, which shows his results. After a few years I got to know some other students of the school and we discussed it with each other. An amazing energy is enclosed in the texts and videos of Wu Chan Zhong school, which in itself already gives a lot, materials and school video should be re-read and reviewed from time to time - every time you find something new there. Often you find exactly what was just necessary today. I am grateful to the school Wu Chang Zhong Qigong for myself and my girlfriend. We are back together and we are happy. I could not get her out of that sect in which she found herself. I just asked her after reading the website to go to school seminar Wu Chang Zhong Qigong. I remember the shock of my girl when she actually cried at the seminar. I asked her in a break, what's wrong, and she replied that she finally got so simple and clear answers. Now I understand what she was saying - Oleg Nazarov is a unique teacher. In his classes you can get complete answers about how to do this or that exercise. His recommendations stem from the understanding that at this time happens. At a time when other schools are shrouded in a mystical unknown fog and people are engaged by decades, and remain in the dark, eagerly listen every word of their "mentors" in the hope of learning something new - at the Wu Chang Zhong School everything becomes extremely clear already at the first lesson. I know thousands of people through school I Chang Zhong Qigong are not only restored health, but found much more important values: the nature and methods of practice of spiritual development have become transparent and clear, people came back from "fairy tales" of sweet lies and fog - to their families again become sterling humans. This does not mean that they have stopped the spiritual path. On the contrary, what they thought before by the spiritual development - was an illusion and self-deception. What people get from Oleg Nazarov and his teaching style? Two wonderful things: the ability to understand and remain free. Although, perhaps, the second follows from the first. The free one - the one who understand! My girlfriend and many other people were told that it is impossible to develop spiritually, if you do not have a guru, initiation, special secret knowledge, if you do not teach the ancient languages, and you do not read in the original ancient treatises. And those for REAL practices you must constantly be with mentors, ride on the holy places and give up sex. But at Wu Chang Zhong Qigong school we think: Seraphim of Sarov, Gautama, Bodhidharma and most of the other famous masters – they were simply practicing in privacy and for the result of their practices did not need these countless books, endless travel, constant prepay "on the temple" or regular group sessions with instructors! It is remarkable that Oleg achieved his results exactly as taught - the path of peace, the path of development practice awareness. It's a wonderful experience, the most effective in the world, the direct path of spiritual development! In addition, I haven’t only saved my girlfriend, but changed myself. My mind and character transformed, there is an amazing sharpness of perception, speed and quality of decision-making, if you live in the stream and everything's "just right" - by itself! The harmony of the soul, which I didn’t feel, perhaps, from a distant childhood. Sincerely, Sergey.

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