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So, you have made an acquaintance with Qigong theory, as well as with the preliminary and three basic exercises of Wu Chan Zong Qigong developing module 1st step.

This complex provides generating, accumulating, improving and balancing of energy in a human body.

For proper practice, seminar classes are necessary. They provide learning additional exercises and getting the integral practice system, as opposed to just a general knowledge and a couple of tools.
During the seminar course an instructor will explain every aspect that is impossible to be described in books or articles in detail; he will also help you to feel your energy and will answer your questions.

During five evening classes you will repeat the exercises over and over again; master your skills, and get personal experience and practice understanding. You may also read about it on the page HOW TO START.


If you can't go to a live seminar you can use our DVDs. If you have a friend who attended a live seminar, it would be great to practice with him after watching DVD seminar. If you are yourself are a person having attended a live seminar, please don't deny other people such a request, because now you understand the role of the collective energy field and of the essence of direct transmission of knowledge. Moreover, you are the"carrier of the tradition" and transmission takes place in your field.

However, if you are not an instructor, please don't teach, as your explanations may not be correct. Let the newcomers rather attend  the  seminar, live or on DVD. Once completing the DVD seminar, please practice Big Tree with him; sit in some "quiet meditation" ( Yan-Qi or Microcosmic Orbit). You may also give him the base mantra of our School (just  chant it together). You both would benefit from it. But if don't have a friend "already in practice" you can have a distance practice through our site.

What is "direct transmission of knowledge"?

All of us  - is really One Integral Whole. Our information, our thoughts and emotions can pour over from the mind of one person to another, like in communicating vessels. Carl Jung talked about the Collective Unconscious. Vladimir Vernadsky came with theory of Noosphere -  the sphere of human thought... Where the phenomenon of telepathy is coming from? Why it happens that two persons simultaneously  come to the same discovery, without prior knowledge of each other's existence?

If you master deep relaxation you can calm the waves of your personal unconsciousness and gain access to realization of deeper layers  - to collective mind.

But even without this access you ALREADY HAVE inside you all the universal information. it's just one person has one segment of this huge ocean developed better ( like he has literature talent), and other person has another portion better developed.

To be able to understand the world and our practice, to be able to acquire certain images, sensations an knowledge - we need to connect our minds, like communicating vessels, in united meditation.These images and knowledge, this vision and understanding of the Universe is being passed over for 7000 years. Seven millenia of creating of creating this powerful egregore    - the field of ideas and mental abilities of Method Wu Chan Zhong Qigong. Your instructor has meditated in the field of his teacher, and his teacher did in the field of his own teacher, and so on. The roots of  School  Knowledge go back into ancient wisdom and wonders. This Knowledge is non- verbal, it's beyond words and descriptions, beyond exercise, beyond even the physical existence... But you can Acquire this Knowledge!

That's what this notorious “direct  transmission of knowledge” is all about . It's not stories about Qi and how to live your life; this is some none-verbal information that is communicated via emanations to the people around. By intertwining with your own energy structure it may become your own direct knowledge.

Information is also Qi. It may be sent and emanated... There are many aspects: for example, where we don’t immediately become aware of the nature of received information, as well as of the fact that we actually received information. The first difficulty comes from the fact that some of our channels, points and organs of sense are not opened yet. The other difficulties occur because the received information does not immediately take the form of understanding. It takes time in some cases. Or some event has to take place to provoke conditions in which we become aware of the Knowledge concealed in us before.

Imagine a wizard waving his magic wand over a baboon, giving him knowledge on how to make elevator doors open… But there are no doors and elevators where the baboon lives. It will never occur to the baboon that it possesses the knowledge on how to open elevator doors… Only if it turns up in a big city and enters an apartment building... suddenly finding itself near the elevator... it will just do it. It will be wondering how clever it is... Only then the baboon realizes that it knows this.

One can call it “discovery by action”.

In the case of esoteric practices, exercising in the united energy-information field, sensing this field and knowledge of our Egregore... – we receive it directly... but we need to live, work and act... we need to face problems and experience different conditions... we need time to understand, to make the received gift your Wisdom.
One day you suddenly understand what Qi is. What a soul is. Or what the Universe is... Or what we are.

That is why since ancient times the most important things have never been written down. It does not make sense. There is a direct teaching “from heart to heart” for according to Wu Chan Zhonf Qigong, Soul is considered to live in the heart area but not in the head.

Thus, the "tradition carrier", who is practicing with a new- comer, is a transmitter and a broadcaster. Special courses for instructors teach to work with the collective field in more refined way. However, even just a simple practice with any "tradition carrier" enables you to connect to the Egregore. Moreover, there is no distances and obstacles for Qi; for consciousness and for thoughts. The field of egregore is beyond material plane. That's why one can "connect up" even without the physical presence of a live "tradition carrier". And that's why we created our DVDs and the possibility for distance practice.

During the seminar class an instructor communicates all the necessary information.Of course, an instructor shows how to practice exercises, but this is not the most important. Exercises can be learnt from books and videos. The main thing is emanating and transmission of Qi and non-verbal information... Besides, some sensations and feelings are communicated, of course. This is extremely important for beginners. They have to be given the sensation of Qi, its flow, their Dantians, the warmth in them and so on...

This is done with the help of the instructor’s special manipulations. The instructor uses his energy and mind power... but even this is not the most important. You may start practicing having no sensations. Sensations are more persuasive, so it is better to start your way to practice with them. The beginner gains motivation, passion and confidence that it is not a fantasy but a reality. Later he will develop his own energy and sensitivity and feel everything himself...

Usually when a newcomer starts his study and attends the first seminar, he listens to the instructor very attentively, tries to remember and comprehend every word and tries to write his words despite the advise of the instructor.

Only later it occurs to him that words are not important. The Instructor must encourage a student to spend three hours every evening for the next five evenings. All this time there is a constant emanation of Qi and information. Certain sensitive individuals report amazing experiences and revelations. Some traditions say that the "presence of the Masters from higher realms" takes place; Qigong talks about the work of  THE SCHOOL QI, meaning an energy field formed for seven thousand years... This very special emanation enforces some necessary transformations in the student’s body, energy and mind during the whole time of the seminar class. Later, these transformations ensure effective and safe practicing. The understanding of what you “have taken” from your school will come one day. And this will not be knowledge of our common dual world, there are no proper words and terms in our world... and later you won’t be able to use them to explain this knowledge to someone else. Lao Tzu in his time stated: DAO cannot be expressed with words, spoken DAO is not DAO...

So, generally, every evening seminar the instructor uses an hour and a half for exercises and at the same time he spends just talking, or at least it looks like talking... He babbles on and on… He could have talked about fishing to make students stay and get the emanation influence... But they would not be satisfied with this friendly chat... That is why, as far as the seminar is paid for, the instructor keeps speculating about Qigong concepts and Chinese philosophy. Anyway nobody will remember anything and won’t understand it for a long time to come…

But at the same time, it is important to remember that your instructor is just an instructor. He is an ordinary person with his problems, his own level of understanding, own life experiences including victories and failures... You should not overestimate his role. Every one has his own path, so accept his energy and go farther than your instructor. To be more correct, any of us has the PATH OF HIS OWN, and nobody can be closer or farther… everybody is alone on his path. Your Path is only yours. There is no need comparing. Somebody spends many years practicing Qigong with no sufficient result? So what? Maybe your way is to gain enlightenment in half an hour after the practice beginning... Or maybe you want to take Gautama Buddha, Loa Tzu or Jesus Christ as a model to follow? But they were unique to start with, and it may happen that nobody will ever achieve their level of mastery and wisdom.

Qigong is only an optimization tool. It optimizes people’s abilities; it will do the same for YOUR qualities. We all come to Qigong differently, and our tasks differ too.

Wu Chan Zong Qigong declares the very important principle – to be Your Own Master.

You do not have to pay excess attention to your instructor. Assume his energy and follow YOUR WAY… Switch your head off, do not think all his words over, words are of a minor importance… What if his words might be silly?.. this also may happen because the instructor is no more than a “guaranteed” bearer of “tradition” of THE SCHOOL QI.. and this is what he will undoubtedly deliver to you... but he might not have achieved the necessary transformations of awareness and wisdom himself. The Experience and Wisdom of the School might not have developed into his own Understanding and Wisdom... in fact, he might be talking nonsense, but it may be a convincing nonsense and you may get mislead by the words and come to a blind alley; and taking the words for a guideline you may be practicing in a wrong way for years. However, something really profound might not sound trustworthy only due to some individual oratorical proficiency of your instructor… and then you may reject it, disagree and start doing the other way...

The best is not to listen in with your intellect and not to ponder it over. Relax and meditate during the entire seminar. Learn the exercises that are taught correctly by your instructor.

Later you are to work out the attitude and opinion of your own, and come to your personal understanding. And if one day some person of authority tells you something but you “just know” that it’s not right for you, that for you it works different way – it means that now you have got the results and skills of your own.

When choosing an instructor, follow your gut feeling. If you feel easy and comfortable with this person during the first free class… then attend his classes.

There are many people who ask questions about the “private” seminars and retreats during the study of Wu Chan Zong Qigong. They keep asking "why you can't start with 3rd or 4th level right away, why can't we come to retreat right away" and so on. Let’s try to clarify it.

Wu Chan Zhong Qigong curriculum has been already described. Why does a person need seminar classes? Was it taught in earlier days in a seminar style? The answer is at the same time easy and difficult. Some things are quite obvious for those who have a bit of experience in practicing this system; but the same aspects cannot be felt by those who have never tried WCZ Qigong according to the methods of this System.
It’s still all about Qi energy. For many people Qi is only an abstract, a theoretical concept. Even after many years of practicing (by books) different popular Eastern methods like Qigong, Wushu, Tai-Qi and Yoga, most practitioners have no clear feeling of Qi.

But Qi, and its structures like, for example, Zin-Qi is a material substance which has a clear feel to it. If you practice it intensively enough then you may not only have a clear sensations, but some painful effects as well, and you may get hurt. The possible mental trauma is especially serious because the injured person is not even aware of it. In the very beginning, when the vast majority of newcomers have problems with health, their energy structure is undeveloped. Direct contact with the instructor is necessary.

Everybody considers himself unique. This has been proved a thousand times. People who have read many books on WCZ Qigong or have been practicing Tai-Qi or some other Qigong styles for many years before coming to WCZ Qigong, think that they may attend group classes of WCZ Qigong, go to retreat or jump the previous steps and start immediately with the 4th…

This is a misconception.

All systems are different. The truth is that they cannot be worse or better, just different. During the practice of this or that system we develop some energy and information structures, and even if different systems develop the same structures, these structures are usually developed with absolutely different methods, sometimes incompatible.

Sometimes one and the same name belong to absolutely different systems, especially if it concerns the word “Qigong”. Until recently there was no such word. Now thousands of different practices in China and all around the world call themselves this word. For example, Wu Chan Zong Qigong differs from Shaolin Qigong the same as Lapland Shamanism differs from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

If you practiced the other systems, you will not be ready for group practice, and the thing is not that you cannot learn exercises quickly. They are all simple. But their regular practice for not less then half a year brings the practitioner to the results that are impossible to be achieved without such long and regular practice. And only these changes in the organism give you the possibility to practice in retreat. Without these changes you will gain nothing from retreat, moreover, you may even develop some adverse health effects. Some people say that in earlier days in China they did not teach in the form of seminar classes. What exactly did they not teach? If there were no seminar classes, does it mean that all the people interested were admitted to all forms of practice?

Of course, not!

If you come without any previous training to the Chen family and wish to practice Taiqiquan together with the Family members the way they do it, they will laugh at you.

You will not be admitted to any serious Buddhist retreat.

All the serious methods are private methods. It is for the security of the new-comers. Unless we talk of “private” amateur clubs, where some recent university graduate decides to conduct classed after reading a couple of books on Qigong...

When nothing is given and nothing goes on, only in this case “free” and available for anyone retreats are possible... WCZ Qigong gives an energy  of such a power that people with not enough training may get bloodshot eyes (Qi is going up, but Microcosmic Orbit is not working properly yet to be able to turn this tremendously powerful flow downwards). Earlier there were events such as fainting, cerebral hemorrhages and mental illness. Yes, it used to be like that in earlier days. Now, for many years the study has been conducted using the 4-step form which is safe... Everything you could hear about WCZQ, everything written here about WCZQ, is only a developing (set-up) module. It is not only safe, but it is specially designed for your health, physical, emotional and mental alike…

Developing WCZ Qigong module is just an open system. There are no secrets here, only daily work on yourself; only daily effort. Until practice becomes clear, natural and easy –till then you have to work at it!.

There are no restrictions in WCZQ, and anyone may come and start studying. WCZQ helps to restore the health, and many people of different ages and physical and mental abilities come to it. That is why it is an open and public system. It of course entails some unpleasant issues. For instance, some “Internet practitioners”(there is such category of people, who have nothing better to do… they read everything and know it all …without actually doing anything ), while “keeping an attentive eye on the world events and, thus, on the world of eastern practices” express their skepticism about Qigong declaring it a weak and useless system. What kind of Qigong is it… just look at these WCZQ sissies…in other systems we have heard and seen such cool stuff! WCZQ does not have among its goals the one of picking out former gymnasts and self-defense pros, turning them into “iron shirt” specialists and sending them to international competition of biting through white-hot metal...

You know, it is pleasant and lovely to work with geniuses. Try to make something out of ordinary people or even out of seriously ill elderly people? For most of them to come to the mountains to practice Qigong is a big deal, a victory over themselves. And they do it. For many of them just coming to an evening class is difficult and painful, let alone the mountains.

Practice of WCZ Qigong developing block is designed to allow any person to evolve from the level that he/she comes with and further up to the level that one needs for his/her life and for fulfilling his/her purposes.

As any powerful school,WCZQ will never close its door in front of those who really need this practice. But there are various levels and steps. Study in all the serious systems is always graded, divided into stages of practice, and all the students are evaluated. Any serious practice having to do with energy and awareness changes is a very powerful thing, so it cannot be treated flippantly... ESPECIALLY WCZ Qigong, a trunk of that Ancient Tree that gave origin to all the branches of Chinese Qigong systems.

WCZQ is an instrument of self-development, open for everybody.
Everybody has individual abilities and tasks that each one can cope with for himself.

Comparing people and their success makes no sense.
In all times, in all the Systems and Schools there were people who achieved what they wanted and those who failed to achieve their tasks.
Of course, the second category makes the majority. Can this group be a criterion according to which we measure the system as a whole? We are all different right from a start... So how can our personal result determine the quality of this or that School? Just don’t tie your self-development with the development and state of the School. Then everything will be all right. Get busy with yourself first…
So what if somebody has no results?. What does it have to do with you? What if you choose Buddha as a model of assessment of your success? It will be even worse as you will never “catch up “ with him.
Look inside of yourself. There is only one object for analyses and study - you. Instead of trying to become Master Lao Tzu #2, find your own Path; find the occupation of your own, and Qigong will help you develop YOUR abilities and you will be able to become Master John Doe #1 or Master Jane Doe#1.

Remember a bulb and a electric circuit? This analogy is given in the early pages. Your own way is to BECOME a bulb ... and find your OWN circuit...

No bulb – no result... There is no right circuit? Your own circuit? Then you have a problem... When the voltage is higher or lower than necessary, when you are in the wrong circuit that is not FOR YOU... Then you either will be barely glowing or simply will blow out... It is ridiculous for a sprinter to take on heavy weightlifting; and equally ridiculous is for a weightlifter to dedicate his life to hurdling.... Fund YOUR OWN occupation...

No one is born for practice only... practice is just a tool to help you to find and successfully master YOUR occupation... The same goes for teaching ... not so many people are born to teach practice professionally...and to make the practice their life and their life mission... well, Buddha... Christ... Mohammed... Maybe one or two hundred other teachers from all the billons of people who ever lived and who live now... You think you were born to teach?... well... School of Wu Chan Zhong Qigong doesn't have an ambition to take over the world or to teach as many people as possible...When somebody really needs to find his Path and his System - they will always find one. Somebody will come to our school and, if he likes it, will learn this method of practice created for individual path to happiness, health and success. In our school nobody  owes anything to anybody. Everything goes just the way it should, on it's own. When the cause is truly worthy and supported by the Universe- then it will keep on living despite anything; and if it is deeply flawed in it's roots - no amount of efforts or propaganda will be able to save it. So you can relax and concentrate only on your own development... If you drop out of Qigong, no one will remember you, no one will notice your absence and it won’t be a great loss for the School.

Do you want to be remembered? Do you want to live this life, this only and unique life not in vain? Then you have to be yourself and follow your own Path, become a Master of yourself... We don’t tell you to suddenly quit teaching if you are happen to be an instructor of whatever school. Maybe it's indeed your true calling. It just so often happens that a teacher himself makes no progress in life, while at the time, teaching some kind of system of spiritual and physical development;  promising success and effective results to his students...

One can't help but feel sorry for these kind of teachers; they deceive and rob themselves! The whole practice was not about starting teaching so they can make money and feel important. The practice is about more fundamental things - truly finding your Self and manifesting it! And only then you can teach as a hobby, just because you are overflowing with happiness and the desire to help others to learn this wonderful system that helped you so much!

You have to find the Mission worth being born for. Tolkien found the one... So did Dante… So did Copernicus and Tesla, Shakespeare and Pythagoras, Chekhov, Goethe, Tchaikovsky, Da Vinci and Fellini... hundreds and hundreds of other people…

And we all see their results... And we say that if suddenly those names disappeared from our lives that it would be irreparable loss... So go and find yourself and YOUR Mission... And when people ask you how you have achieved that; how have you managed to create such life and what you do for it... THEN you may say: “Well, I have been practicing Qigong... What is it? That’s what it is... What? You say you want to try? Go check the web; there is a lot of seminars available... What? You want to attend my seminar class? OK, how about next month?... if there are 10-15 people... or in half a year it will be better... I am too busy, you know... Got to fly to Sweden for my Nobel Prize...

Be a Master to yourself.


The first step practice described in this site may give to practitioners great health and peace of mind, vivacity, high spirits and energy...

But what is the further way of Qigong practicing?

The second step is devoted to “constructing” Dao Path and developing Zong-Mai channel. This channel goes through the point Huei-Yin in the perineum, runs through the body parallel to the spinal cord and exits through the point Bai-Huei on the crown.

At first we work with the segment of the channel that connects the Lower and the Middle Dantians. This contributes to many effects: firstly, “improved” energy tends to go up easier; secondly, it brings the healing effect – Qi of kidneys and Qi of the heart come to balance, the “light” energy of internal organs gets improved and we now can work with our organs according to the theory U-Cin (5 elements of nature).

The first two steps of the developing Wu Chan Zong Qigong module are devoted to the health restoration. During the practice of these two steps we come to the first two basic stages of the State of Qigong – “relaxation” and “silence”. Our immune and hormonal systems start to work normally, as well as our emotions and intellect.

If somebody is interested in going further and knowing oneself and the surrounding world with the help of Qigong, you may take the 3rd and the 4th steps that are designed to develop extraordinary abilities and further evolvement of the Soul.

Of course the division of the course into steps is relative. Seminars are dedicated, first of all, to making the study easier for the students. The instructor is unable to teach everyone individual classes. Thus, the curriculum is developed to provide the most effective result.
However, it is not correct to think that it would be good to gallop along through all of the stages.

There are different opinions about it. As it becomes clear from the experience of those towns where there are many instructors and where the seminars of all the stages often take place, hasty students usually fail to get understanding or any other effect from the practice. There are opposite examples when many-year regular practice of the first step, the base of most importance, leads a person even to Zhenggong. Everything goes its natural way, on its own… when the energy reaches a certain level of development it rises itself up along the channel Zong-Mai, starts its way along the Microcosmic Orbit clearing all biologically active points on its route and carries out all the necessary reformations. Other exercises may only help stimulate these processes. You have to understand that you cannot get to Paradise before your time comes. You cannot expect a miracle here, because there should be certain changes in the organism, and the quality of these changes doesn’t always depend on your wish or even on length of practice. It is naive and often disappointing to expect you to complete all four steps in half a year and then to sneak to a Shaolin retreat, and there some special master will do everything ‘for you’. The 4th step is a sure dud for the hasty practitioners; Zhenggong cannot be learned, you have to grow to it… 

What is the methodoEnergy and information system of manlogy of WCZ Qigong developing module?
In short, the main idea of the first step exercises can be declared as making your body ready to practice Zhenggong exercises.
When with the first stages of practice some points get opened and the channel Zong-Mai is cleared, when there is much energy and we have learned to relax; only then you may come to Zhenhegong (Zhenggong – “correct practice”, Chinese).

A person will resemble an “aerial” that is tuned to the Space. The Information stream from the Universe will flow into our body and will integrate with information of our personal Qi. This information will transform our inner understanding and become the Knowledge. This way we get Wisdom.

By not fulfilling your own Mission you slow down your development. By tuning into the energy and information Column piercing the World from Heaven to Earth... by becoming the integral part of it as an element of your circuit, you may be able to hear what Pythagoras called “harmony of the spheres”... You can, like titans of human history draw your revelations... representing a glorious picture of unity of Man and Dao..

The side effectWe are switched to the energy and information system of Universe of information flows’ circulation through the body will be a motion of our body. Information is a certain form of electromagnetic fields and other energetic structures. As a frog twitches under the electric current impulses, so during Zhenggong the nerves in our body will make us move when information is going through our body.

Information flows in both directions, there is an exchange. We are one common organism with the entire Universe, and Zhenggong is a Dance of Unity. If we want to change something in us or in the Universe then we just have to download our intention in the field of this dynamic meditation.

This is how shamans cause changes in climate, heal people, talk to spirits. Zhenggong is the main exercise of Wu Chan Zong Qigong. If it suddenly stops working, perhaps, it means not enough energy and it is worth doing Big Tree Stance. Or the problem is in the “aerial” and you have to work again with Zong-Mai channel or Microcosmic Orbit. As a result of practice you Wu Chang Zhong Qigong is an ancient shamanism systemwill gain an insight, inner understanding, a flair about what you are to do and how to practice. Zhenggong is such an exercise that helps to make your practice individual, understand what exactly you need in practicing, right now, under these external circumstances and level of your current development. Every time the movements will be unique. They are not to be caused or remembered. It just makes no sense. If information goes, everything will startSpontaneous movements are caused by passing of the energy flows on its own and those motions are just a side effect. Zhenggong is like an advanced form of spontaneous Qigong about which I’ll tell you later. If you master  Zhenggong there is nothing  else that you need. This exercise has got everything for the further development, for individual and unique path to the State of Qigong and gaining Wisdom. And you will follow this Path with the helpful tips from the Universe.

Then one day you won’t need these tips any more.
There will only be silence that’s left... Chan… Zen…clear realization...

With the help of Zhenggong it is quite possible to rearrange and optimize your entire life. Have problems at work? Download your intention to change the situation into the field of meditation -and do your Zhenggong dance. Need to arrange an important meeting? Practice Zhenggong for this meeting for 10-15 minutes. One day you will understand that the miraculous has become a daily routine.

With the help of Zhenggong, if, of course, you managed to “get” this exercise, you would be able to solve not only your personal issues of health or self-development. If your close people, friends or relatives, had some problems you could do Zhenggong “for them” and their problems would be resolved.
Just do it in secret, not a word to anybody. If people learn someone is able to help them this way, they tend to bother you with their constant requests and you will end up solving their problems for the rest of their lives. It’s not that you should not help people. But if they do not want to help themselves, do not want to practice and tend to dump all responsibility on your shoulders, it will not do. Even if you become a “professional shaman”, there should be a clear understanding when a person really needs help and when it is only human laziness and unwillingness to change. In the latter case it is wrong to indulge other people’s debility and spoil people, allowing them not to work and solve their problems with their own might.

The most important is that Zhenggong will help you to realize your own way of spiritual development.

The System of Wu Chan Zong  Qigong has its concept of spiritual development.

If one practices Qigong State regularly and for rather a long period of time, if there is lot of energy, and if the one has good health, then the freed energy “extras” will be directed to Soul “constructing”. 

Immortal embryoGoing out of the soulAt first you might feel something growing within and you are aware of this… Then, one day, during the deeper states of Qigong your Soul may go out of the body along Zong-mai channel, that is usually worked out gradually starting from the 2nd step.

Wu Chan Zong  Qigong calls this level of Soul development level Yin-Shen.

A person practicing Yin-Shen acquires the new possibilities to learn from the other worlds, from Saints and Great Teachers of different religions, systems, and schools. Now we may speak of him having a really immortal soul.

Taoists call such soul an Immortal Embryo for it finally acquired the structure allowing it after the death of the physical body, to be entirely autonomous; and while completely conscious, keep its Knowledge, save its personality, its entire experience and to take the energy of its consciousness.

Various religions call it Salvation.

Such soul may choose the more comfortable conditions for further development and self-awareness and travel to the “upper worlds” partially using its own power, partially being assisted.

Practicing further,Soul disintegrating the body  Yuan-Shen generating more and more energy, perfecting our energy and information system we may get to the next level.
And then one day you find out that your soul has divided like a living cell.
When such a practitioner acquires a few souls, this level of practice is called Yuan-Shen, the level of Boddhisattva.

The ancient drawings show us many-armed and many-legged deities; that is how Boddhitsattvas practicing Yuan-Shen, were depicted.

The soul of Yuan-Shen level has even more possibilities then Yin-Shen soul. It may be in many places simultaneously, conduct classes with many adepts in different worlds, heal ailments, assist in practicing. It also can, with its own energy and power, “advance” to the higher worlds the souls of people, if such a person has not been practicing for long enough but lead honest harmonious life in accordance with Cosmic Laws, and wishes and is ready to practice further…

The Boddhitsattva is even able to some extent, in the limited range, influence the life duration of a person. For example, a person has yet to complete something important, but his heart stopped. If only he had few more weeks or months! But he is dying. In general, the Boddhitsattva has a possibility to prolong his life for few weeks or months. However, everything has its price; in this case, the Bodhisattva will end up paying with much of his own energy.

One of the most well-known Boddhitsattvas of our age is Boddhitsattva Avalokiteshvara. He had achieved this level of practice a very long time ago and took the decision not to go further, but to stay and help all the beings that practice spiritual development.

Avalokiteshvara is thought to have more then 1000 souls. He is teaching students in different worlds, including planet Earth. Sometimes he assumes the physical body (reincarnation), to gain a chance to communicate in flesh with ordinary people who have no special abilities and who therefore cannot practice under the guidance of ascended (already not in physical body) Teachers. The Dalai-Lama for instance, is known to be Avalokiteshvara’s reincarnation. Goddess Guan-Yin, Chinese patroness of Qigong (It was She, who asked Lao-Tzu to wright “Tao Te Ching” before his departure from this world) is also one of this Boddhitsattva’s reflections… Deep practitioners say that Mother Mary in Chrisianity – is Avalokiteshvara...
If one continues practicing after aquiring of 81 souls he can gather them all and start the level Yang-Shen practice, the practice of constructing an immortal body.

Some systems striving for enlightenment stop at the enlightenment.

Wu Chan Zong Qigong goes further, to the level of Yang-Shen practice, considering Enlightenment and realization of Self to be just the beginning, the moment the one may start his conscious Path. If there is no you, how can you develop? If there is no you, how can you teach the others? Thus the most correct is to calm down and keep practicing quietly, without volunteering recommendations such as “you need such and such thing for your development “. Such recommendations not only are annoying but they are not “The Truth”.

It may be explained this way: imagine a coach, a horse and a coachman. A horse is our energy, a coach is body, and a coachman is our Mind. A feeble horse can not carry a coach anywhere, no matter how good the coach is. If a coach is falling apart you won’t come anywhere, whatever the horse and the coachman are… And as for coachman… Nowadays it is quite common that the coachman is drunk as a skunk, and has no idea where the hell he is going… He is sick and tired of flies and mosquitoes, he is exhausted of swatting them… Flies and mosquitoes are the attachments of our mind that generate thoughts that bother our coachman, who slouches in his seat, totally unconscious… His brain is barely working and is completely consumed by worries about tomorrow… about the weather… about money for a booze and about the harvest in a neighboring village… The coachman might as well not be there at all… He is not really there…

Some famous systems say to get rid of these attachments and then the coachman will wake up, sober up, realize himself, his place, his job and will be able to drive. They call it enlightenment.

Unfortunately, it is far from enough. There are still a coach and a horse left. The fate and the destiny of Christ and Mansur do not seem attractive to some people, and this is fair enough. Ramacrishna’s death of cancer also generates questions even among his followers.

And there is one more character in this situation.
The coachman is only a servant of his True Master. There is a Lord sitting in this coach. It is our True Nature.

If we are not present, nothing helps. Where should the coachman go? Why? What for?

The Lord holds a barrel full of gunpowder, and the fuse is already burning.
Don’t you worry, our True Nature can not be wiped out. It may be only awakened… to be exact, it is not our Nature to be awakened, but all around must wake up to notice finally whome they are driving… Everyone has barrel of gunpowder and a fuse. It is already burning, since the Beginning of Times. But everybody’s fuse is of different length. We are all granted different time…

You may try to stimulate the processes: patch up the coach, feed the horse, train the coachman, get yourself prepared for the journey. But only when something explodes with a bang, then the understanding of our True Nature will awaken… and we will go for our real Journey. Enlightenment is not the end; it is the beginning of the Path.

To relieve the coachman of his attachments is only one side of his training. OK, the coachman has realized himself and his place on the coach seat. What’s next?

Powerful mind should learn to work with attachments according to the orders of its Lord. He wishes – there are no attachments, he wishes – here they are.

The True Nature has to have a possibility to download any task in the field of its enlightened awareness (artificially-made and controlled attachment) and the coachman must fulfill the order of his Master, for instance to keep the coach in a proper condition.

It is very difficult to give answers to the questions what the Mind, Soul and Awareness are, to separate them from one another, dissect their responsibilities and display them on the table in front of the students… In Wu Chan Zhong Qigong they call this unity of energy and information Shen.

If the development is right, we have to become a “harmonious whole”, with out True Nature governing our Body through its Enlightened Mind and moulding any desirable form out of it, keeping this form for any length of time from one moment to Eternity, placing this form anywhere, dividing it into any number of independent and full-fledged parts, joining them together again, transgress from substance to energy and visa versa when it is necessary.

This is a Yang-Shen level of development.


There are many phenomena specific to the practitioners achieved a high level. These are, for example, imperishable relics, or – even higher – a flash of light or fire suddenly taking up the Master’s body.

In Ivolga DaLama Dasha Dorzho Itigelov after more than 70 years since his soul left the bodytsan, it is near Ulan-Udé town in Russia, there is a Saint Lama Dasha Dorjo Itigelov sitting..

Lama Dasha Dorjo Itigelov was a very old man when he took a Lotus posture and left his body in the beginning of the previous century. He instructed his disciples to bury him and to take him out of the grave in 70 years. The disciples followed his instructions and now, about 80 years since his “death” Lama Itigelov is still sitting in a Lotus position in the main dungan (temple) of Ivolga Datsan.

Imperishable body of the former Head of Buddhists of Russia, Lama Dasha Dorjo Itigelov who died 80 years ago is one of the cases of energy -information transformation of the highest spiritual level.

Medical experts are bewildered: Itigelov has all the characteristics of an alive body – soft skin with no signs of decomposition; there are nose, ears, closed eyes (eyeballs remain intact); fingers, toes and elbow joints are mobile. Even the scent of an “alive” body remains.

Physicians, who have been monitoring the body since 2000, detected the brain activity. According to them, the pulsation of the living person brain is 3-4 rhythms per minute; motionless Itigelov produces 1 per minute.

Every half a year Lama’s weight fluctuates by half a kilogram, like in living person.

Now Lama Itigelov sits on under the bell-glass in the main center of Buddhism in Russia, Ivolga datsan (monastery). On special days there are a long lines of people wishing to touch the sacred relic. In the area around the Saint miraculous healings happen, cherished wishes come true and practitioners can easier achieve QiGong State realization.
The Christian World knows the other transformation and result of advanced practice: these are the Resurrection and the Ascension of Jesus Christ.


There are people that insist that practice of “awareness” alone is enough for spiritual development, and that Qigong and meditation are not necessary…

Qigong practice allows to stimulate some processes of spiritual development and, of course, during the practice to maintain a good health. It is not a secret, that in many systems of spiritual development the evolution of soul often is achieved at the expense of physical health.

The philosophy of Qigong masters is based on what Ancient Greeks used to express as “in healthy body is healthy spirit”.

Of cause, Qigong of the higher levels also sticks to the concept that “Soul is a Master and the Body is an obedient slave”. Never the less, “Zhong” is a Happy Medium, The Middle Path not favoring extreme things. If a person, for example, injured a knee-joint because the joints had become brittle due to his unhealthy lifestyle, it will be right at first to relieve an inflammatory process, then wait for some time to take off the cast, then get physical rehabilitation treatment under the guidance of a physician. And only after it person can start doing extra-tough Power-Yoga exercises, weight lifting or serious hiking with heavy backpack. And does one really need to go to these extremes anyway?

And finally, Qigong practice IS the practice of “awareness”.
What is “awareness” practice anyway?

To understand awareness practice as a reflection upon something is not correct. Here we talk about the work of consciousness, not of mind.

Consciousness is a special energy-information structure, quite different from mind, body and soul. But like good and evil, love and hatred, like any manifestation of Yin and Yang, there is no definite point where one finishes and other starts. This is a complicated cocktail difficult to be split into fractions and components as it can be done in the world of industrial Chemistry. Practicing Qigong leads to getting personal experience and acquaintance of this phenomenas’ nature. That is why my teacher called Qigong the simple science of life, for Qigong practice allows to explore the life, yourself, and the Universe in a way one cannot achieve just by reading or talking about it.

Now I prefer a slightly different point of view. Science supposes predictability, statistics, reproducibility... in the field of mind and spirit everything is very individual. It's like music. many people learned to play violin, but there is only one Paganini. The same holds true in Yoga, Zen, Christianity, Qigong and any other spiritual system. Many people practice, but only a few achieve significant results. That's why I consider Qigong to be an art! And not just an art of studying life. It also has an active element, as with time you understand that you spirit is the primary force, that in your spirit's field the life around you gets transformed in relation to your current level of evolvement.

Qigong is an art of understanding and nurturing of life!

Qigong practice contributes to gaining the direct understanding of the world and oneself during the meditation. However, it would be personal understanding and experience that are hard to convey to the other person. You can try meditating together so you may have an exchange, direct knowledge transplantation, similar to what we have during our seminar classes...

Here we talk about consciousness. It is something through which our being perceives and realizes Self and Universe; and our soul is the form of Consciousness existence. I also state that Manifested Existence is only a function of our perception. By training their minds, sorcerers of the "Wu" school thousands of years ago could change their appearance, and with that, penetrate through different worlds and through any roles of their own Self. To be able to do this, one has to develop the power of one's Consciousness on one hand, and on other, to calm a turbulent sea of one's own mind that distorts the clarity of ones perception.

How can we understand better what the consciousness is?

Remember yourself when you were having some strong emotion. For example, when you were outraged. And though, in spite of all your being was overwhelmed with rage, was there a little part of you not affected by that rage? Otherwise you would not have been able to understand that you were angry, because it is possible to understand it only from the outside, with some part being beyond the rage. You were quite aware of being outraged, weren’t you?

That something by what you are able to mark the fact that you are angry or outraged is called awareness.
Intellect reasons and analyses. But some part of you can just watch, notice the changes: “I am getting angry” “I enjoy”…

Relax and watch your attention. This is your awareness. With it we meditate and see (feel) the “balls” and channels in Qigong exercises.

Daily weight-lifting will train your muscles.
Daily training your consciousness with the practice of attention (that’s what meditation is) will develop your awareness, for what is being trained tends to develop.

That is why, when masters say that the main thing is the practice of “awareness”, they mean the practice of “watching”, practice of “attention”, practice of “meditation”. Here, these are synonyms in this terminology reflecting the sense.

Besides, during such practice you once get an absolutely new, three-dimensional but not a dual understanding of the percept.

This understanding is called realization.

Awareness (attention, watching something) is a process. Realization (understanding, wisdom that came with meditative changes deep inside) – is the result.

Our consciousness is made of fabric of transcedental energy (Kundalini).The Universal consciousness is made of THE SAME FABRIC, it's structure is identical to one of a human and it pour through our sensory channels that open during meditation. By widening our individual consciousness we can slip through this door into the general field of Kundalini Of Absolute. Then, having united with it, we can either rest in there or come back, enriched with it's wisdom.

Thus, to state that the «main thing» is not Qigong, not meditation but just «awareness» is not correct. Meditation IS awareness. Path to Wisdom.

There are many ways to train your awareness. You can meditate on the head of a nail while lying on a couch.You can contemplate certain problem or riddle (koan) by gentle entering of the question into your meditative field. You ask the question and go into The State of Qigong. Sooner or later you will understand the answer.

The practice of first steps of Wu Chan Zhong Qigong is the practice of being aware of your energy-information nature. We keep our attention on Dantyans or channels and at the same time enjoy the healing effect by normalising our energy body – the bridge between physical body and our own soul.

And then we go further, we realize more subtle and deep things in ourselves, we immerse ourselves into observing the energies of soul and of consciousness. We start doing spiritual practice firsthand and «realization» that comes with such a practice is real and true Understanding of Who We Really Are.

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