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We use 3-4 per cent of our brain.
Is it real to develop abilities fundamentally and learn to live with 100 per cent efficiency?

Who are Leonardo Da Vinci, Socrates, & Lomonosov?
Who are Buddha, Christ, & Lao Tsu?

Where does  an ordinary woman involved in a plane crash, get her strength from to bend metal to save herself? How do the Holy Healers cure people with a touch or even with a word? Is it possible to live long having no sickness or disease? Is there immortality? What is liberation from affections of mind? What is the origin of our super abilities, and are there some methods for their development? How to attain creativity or gain mutual understanding with the environment, learn to be happy and calm, even in the center of the life storm and be capable of finding the solution suitable for everybody…



 We don’t only enlarge the information database of our personal computer, we try to improve its efficiency and performance, buying more advanced motherboard, processor or HDD and, therefore, upgrading its hardware platform.

We should treat our brain the same way. It’s not enough just to gain knowledge, if there is a possibility of global quality improvement of our mind with unlimited resources.

The same refers to our health.

Every single little cell of our organism casts an invisible thread connecting it with its own “special” brain sector. In this sense, brain resembles the matrix of a digital camera: the more pixels reflecting information of the outward things, the better the camera’s product is, and the more truthful and reliable its picture (perception) of the world.

The cells of our body are regulated by the appropriate sector-pixels of our brain. But if we have some matrix pixel ‘knocked out’, never functioning, failing or sleeping – then the link breaks, destructive processes start, and the organism develops imbalanced immune, hormonal or enzymatic reactions. That’s why we should find the root of disorders in these pixels and start our journey to health with adjusting and tuning up how the brain works. What health improvement can we hope for if we use only 3-4 per cent of the pixels?

Many women are trying to loose weight tormenting themselves with diets and exercise programs, but the inner chemistry of their body dictates its own will. What one needs in this case is to work with one’s own immune and hormonal balance, that means to deal with the head but not the stomach.

The root of all the diseases is in the disturbance of the deeper inner links responsible for the signals to start this or that chemical reaction. Those signals are produced by the brain pixels in charge of different body organs and responsible for body reactions.

If we could restore all the malfunctioning sectors, we would, with no doubt, turn into Titans. And it’s not only about mental performance or human health. Any athlete can benefit by adding the new pixels to already operating ones; for at the moment his achievements are limited by sensory perception, motor response of his limbs, visual angle and so on – all the functions have their finite quantity and response time. Those characteristics are directly dependant on the brain activity, on the involvement of certain sectors and nerve links.

Of course, the reality is much more complicated; in addition to the brain, there are the spinal column, peripheral nervous system, the cell internal energy, with its mitochondrions and sophisticated processes… But the main point is the same. To make it lucid, let’s express it this way: there is the Great Brain, It is more capacious and bigger than the body, for It includes both its own resources and the resources of the whole body. This Great Brain is what we are speaking about…

Continuing our reflection in the same direction we can come to the following picture:
What are our organs of sense? They don’t stick out of our body; they are certain sectors of the Brain.

An eye has its own compartment in the Brain, and this compartment is responsible for getting the final information, its registration, analysis, treatment and depositing. If one has got a tongue (organ of taste), but the one’s corresponding sector of brain is damaged – this person will be deprived of one of the six common organs of sense inherent in every normal human being.

Here we are, coming to the final conclusion: by rehabilitating the Brain and reestablishing its pixels, we are able to increase our organs of sense in number. We should be able to expand our self-knowledge limits and enrich our vision of the surrounding world.
The blind doesn’t see the world as brim-full as the sighted. What’s the use of our philosophy about the world structure, God and our place in Universe, if we are blind? Ancient practitioners offer the different path – to develop our understanding of the world through expanding our perceptive abilities.

How can be the sleeping pixels switched on and our abilities improved?
 One of the global ancient systems working with this problem is Chinese Qigong. There exist many schools of Qigong. Now in the world the system at Wu Chan Zhong Qigong is very popular.

The term Qigong is usually understood as the art of “Managing Qi energy”.

Qigong is ancient and powerful though, at the same time, an amazingly straightforward system of organism self-regulation, and development of personal abilities in any wanted sphere of activity. Let’s express it this way: when we are involved in this or that activity, we enact appropriate brain pixels, and Qi energy flows to them. So, practicing Qigong having no other priorities or lines of occupation won’t bring any effect.

This principle can be illustrated with the analogy of electric circuit: having a power supply with no electric energy consumer (say, light bulb) – we won’t be able to detect a current flow. The same refers to Qigong practicing: practicing Qigong only for the sake of Qigong wouldn’t do. One should have a clear understanding of the purpose. The Master says that only putting a certain and clear objective for yourself grants a good result, and Qigong here works as a vehicle. While being engaged in poetry writing, business, sport, science or any other activity we have ready to work brain cells at our disposal; they are as a light bulb need energy flow. While practicing Qigong people accumulate Qi that runs to active brain sectors and the result is effective work

Positive effects are indicated when a person is trying to achieve some specific goal: to cure cancer, for instance, or to correct the spine, to win the championship for fencing, judo, or swimming. The goals may be better understanding of university thesis or getting fit… it makes no difference. What is really important is a strong mind, intent on not living a life in vain; but striving to change ones life or some aspect of their life.

So, what connection may there be between Qigong and that notorious thesis? Strangely enough, maintaining a consistent practice of Qigong gradually and inconspicuously initiates changes in the progress of our mind. One day, the one who has been stuck at the major, suddenly exclaims: “Eureka!” That is a result of restored work of corresponding brain pixels, and that holds true for all spheres of our lives.

That is why it is considered wrong and quite unnecessary to pursue Qigong with the purpose of becoming a Master of Qigong. This art should not be practiced for ambition or sport achievement, but for improving quality of life: becoming a healthy, balanced and wise person. These qualities – wisdom, serenity and health – sooner or later will pave the way to everything you long for.

Qigong exercises are simple. You should not be an athlete to start. There is no need to buy special expensive clothing or to pay big money for classes in a sport center. These are calm and peaceful exercises.

After a tutorial workshop of a week’s duration you may practice Qigong at home at any convenient time, in any clothes. For exercises you will need only 1,5 square metres of a floor space and be eager to practice.

It is impossible and, perhaps, even perilous to practice Qigong by books and brochures. Qigong requires a hands-on approach. There is a common truth that you can’t become a surgeon or a violinist studying fundamentals of these arts by teach-yourself books, but still there are people who admit such approach, applying themselves to the art that has been mastering the inner laws of metabolism transformation, these delicate, subtle, deeper and fundamental changes of our organisms for 7000 years.

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