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Free download of educational video on qigong (qigong video-lessons)

The video recording of the first day of the five-day seminar of the first level is already translated into English.

Traditionally the first day lectures and practices during the seminars of the first level are always FREE in our school. The reason of such a policy consists in providing people with an ample opportunity to come and learn more about subject and aim of the qigong practice and in meeting with the instructor who is going to run a seminar. On the basis of the first day practice people also will have an opportunity to make a decision if they really want to spend their time and money on learning and practicing of Wu Chan Zhong Qigong methods.

The same policy we follow as for the educational video recordings. The video recording of the first day of the five-day seminar of the first level (introductory lecture and practices) is available for free downloading.

Free download of educational video on qigong (qigong video-lessons)

Features: Video Matroska, AVC (H264), Bitrate: 800 Kbit/sec, Width: 640 pixels; Height: 480 pixels; Ratio of frame: 4:3; Audio AAC; Bitrate: 128 Kbit/sec; Channel(s): 2 channels; Frequency: 44,1 kHz.

For the video playback on your computer we recommend to use a free program with complete set of required codecs - VLC media player

In order to download the educational video on qigong practice one should use the following special programs "Free Download Manager", "ReGet Deluxe" or any similar to your liking. This will eliminate possibility of any problems if during the process of educational video downloading the connection will be interrupted (these programs can start the process of re-downloading from the place where it was interrupted with the saving of all already downloaded data) and also considerably increase the rate of downloading. Referred above programs are free and the links are from the official sites.

Also, now you can buy the remaining training records on the 1st-step Wu Chan Zhong Qigong program!

Videorecords present the full-featured 1st step seminar uncut record, the seminar duration is 18 hours.

Training sessions by this video will help you to acquire practical skills of deep, systematic and complex working-through of your body, psychics, conscience, in order to get on a new level of your existence, well-being, possibilities, perception…

You can go to the FUND QIGONG page and pay $100 USA in any convenient way from the enlisted on the FUND QIGONG page.

Having paid, write about this to: and you will be sent links to files to download.

Methodology which is the basis of the whole teaching (and general understanding of the practice) of the Wu Chan Zhong Qigong school is unique in this sense.

Wu Chan Zhong Qigong system is a successive practice which brings human psyche into the necessary states and possibilities. There exists an enormous amount of systems and doctrines concerning human abilities, and even here there is little to add to the theories built on esotericism, psychology, self-perfection, which many people are familiar with. As for Wu Chan Zhong Qigong system, this is a set of effective practical techniques on the  psychics transformation being spoken all around so much nowadays. Now this is possible to DO!

Wu Chan Zhong Qigong is the system which has assimilated only efficient, effective and helpful exercises and principles, having got rid of anything disturbing human development, all that hasn’t stood time testing, without regret. The key points, highlighted the right way, transform the understanding of the ancient practice for contemporary human, enable to make self-practicing independent from anyone, except the person practicing.

Wu Chan Zhong Qigong system includes hundreds of exercises - each of them reminding a special lever in a smart mechanism – can be an efficient instrument for self-perfection of our psychics, our conscience and body. The correct understanding of these instruments and own nature is the pledge for successful practicing. And vice versa without the correct understanding it’s impossible to get oriented in the ocean of thousands of similar exercises and psychotechniques: you can either not get good results or do harm to yourself doing some exercises absolutely the wrong way... That’s why the most important thing concerning any significant school – is its Methodology…

In the letters to the club’s mail lots of people note that after they had watched the videorecords of Wu Chan Zhong Qigong School seminars their practice understanding and subsequently the practice itself deepened and transformed for them in an amazing way, despite their having been practicing before for many years. Even followers of other practical systems have also noted that they started seeing themselves and the practice from a different viewpoint.

The best of luck!

Faithfully yours,

 Oleg Nazarov.


At present work on translation of the educational video in English language is being continued. It is a very big project and almost 90 hours of video. We try to translate as soon as possible the next videorecords so that people could study well and fruitfully, even though the video on the 1st step seminar is already enough for you, for the first few years. If you want to help this project can make a charitable payment on requisites of Fund of Development the Qigong.



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