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What is the distance learning and educational chat-class.
Service commands and codes of exercises used in chat.
Programs to help run a chat. Instructions and links.
Instructions on accessing the chat, registration and operation.
Class Schedule.
The cost of classes, information on payment.

What is the distance learning and educational chat-class.

Distance learning is such a form of practice which permits practitioners from all parts of the world to team up for the practice regardless of their location. Unification like that can be of great help for the beginners in practice.   

Wherein is the effect of unification? It was told many times that all of us as a whole are the One Being. Academician Vernadsky wrote about Noosphere, about certain Field of Ideas, Feelings, Images, Sensations to the effect that we all are staying within limits of this Universal Common Field that all of us radiate to It all our Images, Ideas, Feelings and similarly receive from It Feelings, Ideas and Images, that is information from the rest of the world and from all living beings…

About the same Carl Gustav Jung told as of the Collective Unconscious. Same ideas were voiced in the form of principles in the teachings of Hindu Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism and in many others famous schools and directions of spiritual development. 

If formalize this idea like the one which is general and for the ancient doctrines and for the modern knowledge of the psyche - while using more or less scientific approach – then it can be characterized like that: all of us are like certain communicating vessels; Knowledge and Experience of all living available for us right now. Right now these Knowledge and Experience are in our own Mind in very deep layers of our psyche. These layers are called Collective Unconscious and they called so because they are general information layers, they are present in the psyche of all living things, information in them is common to us all, we all have it, possess and potentially know…

There are also some graduations, groups and levels of these layers. The deeper the layer, the more commonly it is for some sets of groups... For example, there are layers where is the experience of all mankind, all those who lived before us, those who live now and those who else will only ever live… And there are even deeper levels common to all living creatures of the Earth… Sure, there are even more fundamental, general and universal levels of knowledge…

To get to these deeper layers we are practice relaxation and meditation.

On the one hand, we are working on more superficial layers which are preventing by their signals and distortion to receive the signals (information) from the deeper and more fundamental layers of our Mind (from Collective Unconscious). For example, we are very much hampered by that layer of our psyche which is formed by our personal emotions and thoughts that is personal (individual) unconscious. The essence of these signals that form this layer is our ego, feeling of self-importance which is induced by our ego… For example, someone said somebody something nasty. Ego reacted and induced a signal (resentment, malice etc.)… There are other sources of signals, this is a broad topic and we study it during our seminars and while practicing – do these signals quieter, thereby working through our psyche and body (because a sick body also induces signals to our Central Nervous System (CNS) adding noise to our locator-perception called Consciousness).

On the other hand, meditation (i.e. watching) trains our Consciousness. Mind is something that thinks and shows emotions. And Consciousness is something that watching… Consciousness is something that can register and note one or another signal from our Mind, from our psyche. Thus by the watching (by the practice of meditation) we are training our Consciousness and its ability to watch (realize) quieter signals from deeper layers of our Psyche (Mind). So once we get to the Collective Knowledge, to the Space Experience, to the Truth of Absolute…           

Now we raise the subject of group classes. All of us already and initially are the One Being (our Psyche is One and our Mind is One in the most fundamental layers), but just because of our stereotypes and habits we lost the sense of Unity, ceased to be aware of it, determined and separated themselves, received dual thinking, began to break up the Integrity to infinite yin and yang… Since we are already the One Being then in general the group practices are not required. All famous ascetics quietly left their communities, group practices and received their great results… But at the beginning for the ordinary people the group practices can be useful. If the small stream is weak and can’t move even a small rock stuck in his bed then it creates a dam, a block … but when the streams flow together sooner or later they form a mighty stream sweeping away everything in its path.

During the group practices merge the individual power of our psyche, our intentions and our collective mind and will… In esoteric schools often say about fusion of energy and power increase of collective energy field. In this case the results can be achieved faster.   

To readers and practitioners not to fall into dependence of these ideas we emphasize again this is no mandatory need! If you are practicing regularly you can quickly increase the power of your own individual power of consciousness. Often the group practices bring a negative result because people see the effect and don’t want to practice alone. They get used to them and can’t do without groups and organizations, lose faith in their own practice, fall into dependence, don’t understand the essence of it and pinning their hopes and aspirations of the result obtaining on some guru, instructor, “savior”, school and egregor… that is to say on someone who’ll make them “the best practitioners”, “save”, put on the back and carry into Paradise, to the Kingdom of God … or at least take out of … Samsara… But if you remember one of the main goals of the practice is just in the opposite – to become Free. Including being free from any gurus, schools and organizations …

Yes the group practices are useful (and that is why we teach at seminars), but not necessary!

To beginners and also to those who studied our seminars on educational videos we recommend from time to time use this form of practice (group sessions) to initially increase its effectiveness, more deeply connect, while uniting our Minds with “school’s field” that is with the layer of collective unconscious where is the information (ideas, experiences, visions, insights, capabilities) of thousands of masters who practiced our system for thousands of years, creating new and unique section of Noosphere – egregor Wu Chan Zhong Qigong. But don’t forget about personal, individual practice…

The main practice is the regular independent practice. And from time to time for the effect of Unification we organize group practices, marathons and retreats. This method is also used in other schools and spiritual traditions. People make pilgrimages to a limited period of time in certain holy places or just going somewhere together for advanced practice…

But what about those who do not have such an opportunity? For example, in some city there is no any group and you practice alone… Or there are several people but there is no instructor… or it is too far and expensive to go to the retreat, nearest of which is held in another country…

And for this reason we invented distance learning…

Now that You read materials of our site, visited a seminar or studied required practices with the help of video materials, - You know a principle “No Time, no Space”. But Time and Space are just ways of Our perception… in other words Time and Space are not objective phenomena but subjective perceptions of the Mind. For this reason it is possible to diagnose and treat at a distance, as well as receive information on future or past if a person with the help of practice sufficiently changed the level of one’s psychic capacity and consciousness…

All differentiations and unifications, all ideas or their cancellations are just the mental acts. It suffices to work (as always!) with images… it suffices to imagine that we are together, that we are united… And then many are very much surprised to the positive changes in their practice…          

Remained just one thing - it was necessary to find the way to transfer the required information to students, what exercise we are doing right now together, when starting and when finish. That is it was necessary to create a technology in order a leader in some way could guide the group of participants and their joint practice.

The required solution suggested itself – we needed the modern technologies. At first we tried to practice together by using SMS messages. But it turned out to be too expensive. Such programs like ICQ did not match too because with the sufficiently large number of participants the last of them received information with a considerable delay.

We believe at the moment we found the best solution. Based on the IRC technologies, for the distance learning we created our chat-class. These technologies allow to the almost unlimited number of people to take part in the practice. They instantly and simultaneously receive command information. Also was solved an important technological challenge: during meditation it is required for the practitioner to receive the information about the end of exercise with the help of a sound signal. This problem was solved by the upgrading of the appropriate client-programs which now allow access to our chat-class.

Also for all participants was provided an opportunity to connect to the chat-class from a computer, from a device working on a platform Windows Mobile (PDA and others) or even from a mobile phone!

We also invented a list of universal commands. This is an indication of which exercise to do now, information about exercise finishing etc.

Thus all practitioners of our school can be absolutely free from the need to have at hand an instructor or some colleague. If they wish they can connect to our group practices and even, if they already know required exercises, to our retreats held anywhere in the world. At this time they can be located at any other place. It can be an own cottage or a rented low-cost apartment, the nearest park or even own study or home…

To participate in our practices, the participants need to know appropriate exercises, it is natural.

For this one should be trained at one of our full-time seminars or with the help of learning video.                

During our group distance learning practices will be used main exercises of the 1st level and some exercises described below in the list of commands and instructions relating to specific exercises.

Further on this page you will find entire information about these programs, about how to choose them, how to set up, how to enter the chat-class for the distance learning practices, how to find out about a schedule and how to adjust the local time with the time that runs our chat-class. You’ll also find out about a list of commands and instructions which are necessary for the required exercises.

What is the distance learning and educational chat-class.
Service commands and codes of exercises used in chat.
Programs to help run a chat. Instructions and links.
Instructions on accessing the chat, registration and operation.
Class Schedule.
The cost of classes, information on payment.

Service commands and codes of exercises used in chat.

Usually practice consists of the beginning of the exercise (and here we need to determine the code, denoting that we have to start doing required exercise), the period of practice itself and the completion of the exercise (and here we need the code, denoting that we have to finish the doing of the exercise).

After these commands should follow command which informs us either about the length of the rest period between exercises if such a rest is required (for example, during our marathons we take brakes between exercises for 10-15 minutes and up to 1.5 hours in the middle of the marathon for the lunch and rest), or command which informs about the end of the classes altogether. All commands are accompanied by the sound signals.

Sometimes it is possible to perform exercises in a row without a pause. For example there is an exercise that we call “Spontaneous Qigong” or “Self-regulation”. As a rule immediately after this exercise is very useful to do any quiet meditation (static sitting exercise). Also, after doing of the exercise “Big Tree” usually we don’t do any pause (only a few minutes of body tapping) and immediately begin to implement one or another sitting meditation. In case when pause is not required, there won’t be any command about it in chat and immediately be given the command to start a new practice.

Finally there are some safety rules which include standard ending of our exercises (body tapping, body shaking that is hopping while uplifting and descending on our heels). There won’t be any additional commands about such an ending. You must remember that these standard final steps should be done by yourselves.

Let’s call the class of these commands “Service commands”.

list of universal commands (list of service commands)

S (from English “Start”) - to begin execution of the exercise;
E (from English “End”) – to end the exercise (with following body tapping if it wasn’t exercise “Spontaneous Qigong” after which we should at once start doing the next exercise);
P (“Pause”) – pause;
F (“Final”) – ending of all practices;

If it is meant some particular exercise which for example has a code name “X”, then the command “to start doing exercise X” would look like that:


When we finish to do exercise X, then the corresponding command will be:


Or simply like that:

E, - because it is quite clear that it means the ending of the exercise which we were doing.

Now a few words about the duration of the pause. The duration of the pause will be set in numbers and counted in minutes. Usually the pause between exercises is about 10-15 minutes. During our marathons we can make a big break for 1, 1.5 or even 2 hours.

If count in minutes, 1 hour will be “60”, 1.5 – “90”, and 2 hours – “120”.

The pause time (breaks) will be indicated by the number after the code which denotes a break.

For example, “P 90” – means that break time is 90 minutes (1.5 hours).

Finally it should be noted that entirely exact time of assembly after the break before the next exercise, despite pre-entered command with the exact time, may not be in reality. Instructor can take into account the fact that when a lot of people simultaneously are engaged into the practice some of them may be a little late and so he can decide to delay the beginning of the practice for several minutes. In this case you need not worry and simply sit and wait a little when will be received an appropriate command for the beginning of the next practice.

Now let’s talk about commands indicating a particular exercise. In order not to be confused with the considered above “Service Commands” let’s call these commands “Codes of Exercises”.

Codes of Exercises:

PE (“Preliminary Exercises”) – Preliminary Exercises (so far only from the 1st stage)

BT (“Big Tree”) – Big Tree (you can perform the Big Tree from any stage depending on what you know or wish: for the group is not so important of which stage Big Tree performing one or another participant, really important only that exercise Big Tree is being done).

YQ (“Yang Qigong”) – Yang Qigong

MO (“Microcosmic Orbit”) – Microcosmic Orbit (during the group practices, just for the simplicity we doing version 1, that is only with the help of attention, breathing - natural).

SQ (“Spontaneous Qigong”) – Spontaneous Qigong

M (“Mantra”) – mantra Ja-Ima-Zde-Zde-Hong

BS (from English “Breath by a Skin”) – “Exercise Breath by a Skin” (for the simplicity in group practices we do method 2 “exchange breathing”)

As for the exercises that is all for a while. Performing of other exercises of our system in the group method without knowing about level of practice of participants and about their health status may be dangerous for some people. The above mentioned exercises are more than enough for the qualitative group practice which can lead to the increase of the individual level of practice and provide the opportunity to practice better and faster come to the results. Those who passed 2nd stage (for full-time seminars or educational videos), may send requests for participation in the distance classes during which will be used exercises like “to watch the centre of middle dantian”, “work with the central canal”, “watching of the second heart”.

For deeper training of other exercises of our system it is better to come to the retreat, where in a smooth mode we begin entering into the thinner layers of the psyche. This is done very carefully and successively starting from the simple and basic exercises that we previously practicing during the first few days…

Specific information on preliminary exercises (code PE):

To practice these exercises together we do so: instructor writes in the chat “PE 0”… this means to start “open channels on fingers and toes”… finished this exercise and wait… then will go command “PE 1”, this will mean “start to do the first preliminary exercise”… What exercise is this? Right, “A child is praying to Buddha”… Performed and again waiting… goes command “PE 2” – begin to do exercise 2 – “Palms of Buddha contemplating images of Earth and Sky”… and so on… This allows us to do dynamic exercises together, otherwise, because everybody has its own speed someone may do exercise “Magic Dragon Stirs the Sea”, and someone else exercise “The Sacred Crane drinking water”…

Notes on exercises

It is already mentioned that during the distance group sessions we mainly practice exercises of the 1st stage. But it’s hard to ignore such important and fundamental exercises as exercises “Spontaneous Qigong” (code SQ) and exercise “Breath by a Skin” (code BS).

These exercises are not difficult and if you did not pass the 2nd stage we give brief descriptions of them.

Exercise “Breath by a Skin” (code BS):

This exercise relates to the static (“quiet”) meditations. Here we describe the method that is called “exchange breath”: imagine your skin, feel all your skin (body)… imagine your pores on the skin, imagine that they begin to grow, they are becoming bigger and bigger… Imagine that Your skin breathes, air and good qi of the Universe during the inhalation drawn through the pores of the skin into Your body… during the exhalation air and qi leave Your body and go into the Universe… you don’t need to think that You lose something, do not think what kind of qi, bad or good, leaves Your body… it’s not important… let some exchange happen: qi of the Universe enters Your body during the inhalation and Your qi during the exhalation leaves the body through the pores of the skin and goes to the Universe…

Breathe like that for some time… a few moments, several minutes… possibly You will feel some changes in sensation during inhalation and exhalation… cease to imagine the image of the process how qi enters and leaves Your body,- now just an easy gentle attention (seems there is, seems there is no) to these feelings, to the skin, to the body…

Thus, during this exercise the main meditation is the attention to the skin, feel skin, watch skin… and – in a parallel mode – You are watching, listening, realizing your breath… without imagining that this is your skin breathes and how qi enters into your body and leaves it, but simply – watch your breath and feel the skin

Control your state, be Your Own Master, no one but You knows what you need at this very time: if it is very quiet and easy – simply attention to the skin, don’t bother yourself with “parallel processes”, by watching the breath as well… or vice versa watch the breath and nearly forget about the skin… try, search, experiment… we are all a little different and everyone has his own strong points and features which allow to relax better and to receive “state of qigong”… and if you receive “state of qigong”, - altogether forget about skin or breath watching, simply stay in “state of qigong”… and if you suddenly fell out of the “state” and again found yourself in thoughts, fantasies, in movements of your mind, in the fact that You already don’t do the exercise but again think, dream, experience emotions – then again begin to watch the skin, a little more actively shifting your attention to the process of the skin breathing…

At the end of the exercise imagine in the lower dantian the red hot ball, and then mentally compress the ball into the point… After that the usual finishing tapping…

Exercise “Spontaneous Qigong” (code SQ):

This exercise like all our exercises is a very simple one. But in written format it is rather difficult to explain how to do it. That’s why it is better to pass the 2nd stage in our workshops or through training videos. Nevertheless this is one of the greatest exercises. It is found in all great systems in India and in China and in other countries and cultures as well… It is no coincidence because the exercise “Spontaneous Qigong” is a very much fundamental one. It is in a very natural and individual way adjusts and works through our body and psyche, relaxes and restores us, helping the organism to adjust itself, therefore the second name of this exercise is “Self-Regulation”. Also it is called “Release the Body” because this name describes the method itself of practice of this exercise.

If to describe this exercise concisely, shortly, only the essence which will help to understand how to do this exercise, then let us say the following… Sometimes a person’s arm or leg can jerk… by chance, involuntarily (naturally, spontaneously, by itself)… or suddenly a man stretches himself just after he woke up… or when stayed too long at the computer… and suddenly stretches himself… at the same time thinking himself about anything else… A person does not think here about the movement, does not do any specifically controlled movement… Body itself makes the movement…

Our body and our psyche is a wise and unique system. There is a natural mechanism for self-compensation and self-healing in this system. Overstrained muscle can suddenly “shoot”, relieve the muscle tension at last… and now – convulsively jerked a shoulder or a leg below the knee…

When the student does the exercise Big Tree, instructor asks that the practitioner endure, doesn’t move and stand still… Sometimes novices even shake while doing this exercise… but one must stand for some time…

Exercise “Spontaneous Qigong” we also begin to do in standing position. But in contrast to the exercise Big Tree we “release the body” and let it do what it itself “wants”… You have to understand that not what we want or wants our mind but what our body wants… If You already learnt how to relax, then this standing meditation can lead to swings and natural movements of the body… Don’t restrain these movements, let them occur… It can be anything: from the smooth swaying to the jumping, from the small rotations of the hands to the sophisticated and amazing yoga postures… the body itself will do it…

If there are no movements, it means that You didn’t yet learn how to relax. Body constrained, Mind distrustful, expectations strain… and therefore there are no movements. However, if we start doing this exercise and You have no movements – don’t be upset: yet it is so. And let it be yet so. And You – just stand until the command to finish this exercise. Just meditate while standing also is very useful, because the standing meditation is the most cheerful one, it leads to the most active condition of the consciousness. A sitting meditation is already only in the second place. And meditation in the lying position is generally very difficult and doesn’t suit for the beginners, they fall asleep or at a minimum fall into the trance states of different degree of depth and damage, because there is no activity, required vivacity and clarity of consciousness… In lying position meditate lazy people or the great masters.

The end of the exercise is the following: to tap is not necessary because the “Spontaneous Qigong” in any case relaxes and warms us up… In principle you can only rub your palms, face, tap the head, massage it and work with ears in order to recover yourself… But if You do this exercise in conjunction with the next following “quiet” meditation, then it is better without a pause to pass from the “Spontaneous Qigong” to the doing of the “quiet” meditation…

Another piece of advice… If You can’t relax and can’t begin to move spontaneously, You can do one of the preliminary exercises which will help You to relax… It can be the exercise “The Sacred Crane drinking water” or for those who already took 2nd stage – “The 5th Preliminary Exercise”, that is moving the ball through yourself into the Sky and Earth… After about 5 minutes doing of these exercises one can stop and relax… let the body do everything it likes…

What is the distance learning and educational chat-class.
Service commands and codes of exercises used in chat.
Programs to help run a chat. Instructions and links.
Instructions on accessing the chat, registration and operation.
Class Schedule.
The cost of classes, information on payment.

To be continued ...
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