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Qi and man

Before starting to learn the exercises it would be better to know more about energy and meditation.

There are three types of Qi energy in Wu Chan Zhong Qigong.

Jing-Qi is the crudest one. Sometimes it is called ‘Mist Energy’ because it looks like mist or fog.

Jing-Qi energy flows along the energy channels and its quality defines the health of the body.

The next ‘fraction’ is ‘lighter’ and there is more of Yang in it. This energy is mentioned just as ‘Qi’ or ‘the energy of light’ for it looks like light of different color gradations.

‘The energy of light’ is the energy of our internal. It patronizes our viscera and our emotions. And the third ‘type’ of energy is called ‘transcendental energy.’ It is not seen and cannot be sensed, but it is inherent in everything and creates the potential for existence.

Three DantianWCZ Qigong recognizes three Dantians:

The Lower Dantian (Sia Dantian), is situated in the abdomen zone, the Middle Dantian (Zhong Dantian) is found in the chest zone, and there is the Upper Dantian (Shen Dantian), which is in the head area.

The human energy system to some extent resembles a steam boiler or a refraction tower for oil sublimate. If the lower boiler (Sia Dantian) is properly stimulated then Jing energy is produced which in turn, like heated steam, pours into the energy channels. Here it is very important to exercise gradually, little by little and gently.

If ‘the boiler’ is not ready and the ‘pipes’ have rusted through because of incorrect use or many years of inattention to the user’s own health, then ‘the boiler’ might blow off because of intensive pressure and breach ‘the pipes.’ The person might get ill, inflammatory processes, hemorrhages, tumors, and other disorders from a never-ending list might awake.

It is very often when the healing process starts from disease exacerbation that the darkest hour predicts the dawn. The time of exercising should be increased gradually. To give up practicing with the slightest hint of discomfort is not recommended because it may prevent total and real recovery.

If you start practicing the Middle Dantian, it improves the emotional state and balances the internal.

Practicing the Upper Dantian stimulates ancient brain zones and awakens latent extraordinary potential.

Before describing the method of Dantian stimulation and refinement of Qi into the more Yang penetrated forms, let’s get down to energy itself.

=mc² Matter may be expressed through energy.

Recently, scientists managed to teleport matter atom at a distance of 1 metre. The matter vanishes in one point (becoming energy) and emerges in the distanced point. WCZ Qigong considers it possible to be done by humans after proper practice. This level is called Yang-Shen. The Qigong masters state that some practitioners can achieve this level and are able to appear in the flesh when they need it, and then disappear again, becoming a pure energy.

It has already been mentioned that Qi permeates any structure in the Universe. Qi is not homogeneous. A flower is a particular Qi state. A stone is a particular Qi state. A motion is a particular Qi state. Word and thought are also particular Qi states.

So, what is then, the difference between ‘flower’ and ‘word’ if both are Qi? After all, we can recognize that flower differs from word the same way as stone differs motion. These are different things! But at the same time, we say, all these are Qi...

Let us say, Qi has ‘structure’, and this ‘structure’ can be different; and the difference of one structure from the other is defined by its information.

Qi can be negative and positive.

It has been noticed that in the family where members often quarrel, home plants fade or don’t grow well. Vice a versa, a smile and an encouraging word generate positive and therapeutic effects. As for the first case, here Qi may be of a negative character; some information turned positive quality into negative one, and radiating from people, it had a negative impact on the plants. As for the second case, it describes positive Qi; some information changed the current Qi quality structure in a positive way.

It is important to have a clear understanding that our objective is to learn how to manage information; learn to change Qi quality because the main thing is not the quantity but quality of energy.

In what way and how do we refine Qi? Why does it change its quality? If Qi is a structure, if Qi is convertible to matter or substance, if Qi is matter itself, the special state of matter; is it possible to change substance affecting Qi quality?

Hypnosis experiments may illustrate situations when the thought or spiritual power is able to change substance. For instance, cases when a patient is given a piece of a cardboard and is told to perceive it as a red-hot coin, the patient gets a thermal burn immediately. And the final stage of this experiment when this patient is hypnotized again and told he had touched a piece of cardboard then the traces of the thermal burn suddenly disappear again.

Spiritual practices and systems of higher levels of development not always use physical exercise. Sometimes Master may spend many hours sitting still and at the same time be practicing higher Qigong.

According to Chinese tradition, our mind is considered to influence Qi information through thoughtforms and mediation…

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